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Tips on buying a trampoline

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on April 2nd, 2024

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Tips on buying a trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline can be great for kids and adults. One can look at indoor and outdoor trampolines for a quick workout or a recreational activity with friends. The equipment can also be an excellent buy for homes with budding gymnasts and athletes. Since they are available in several shapes, varying weight capacities, and safety features, it can take time to select the right option. So, here are some tips on buying a trampoline.

Different trampoline shapes to check out

While the word trampoline typically conjures an image of a round one, the equipment comes in different shapes and sizes, each with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of the popular shapes.

Round trampoline
A round trampoline is the most common shape, available in various sizes at different price tags. A smaller outdoor round trampoline tends to be around 6 feet in diameter and can typically be used by two small children or one adult at a time. It can be a great addition to one’s backyard. One can also check out bigger round-shaped trampolines for more people to use simultaneously, but these may only comfortably fit a moderately-sized backyard.
One disadvantage of round-shaped trampolines is that they usually force the jumpers toward the center. While this feature may help draw kids away from the sides, it may also lead to overcrowding. Round trampolines are also not the best type for anyone who needs space for tricks and flips.

Rectangle or Square trampoline
Rectangle or square trampolines are used in gymnastics and other athletic competitions because they provide jumpers with space to perform exercises and tricks without the fear of falling out. The other advantage a rectangular or square trampoline offers is a more steady and firmer bounce effect than round trampolines. Landings can be controlled better, making it a good choice for gymnasts and athletes.
A few disadvantages of this trampoline type are that it may be challenging to set up and move around and usually requires bigger and heavier frames.
Some of the other trampoline shapes include oval and octagon. These are uncommon compared to round, square, or rectangular ones, but they have their benefits. For example, an oval shape can fit in slim backyards, and an octagon allows for more jump space.

Essential features to explore before buying a trampoline
There are some factors and features to take into account when choosing to buy a trampoline. Some things to ask yourself are who will be using the trampoline, how many people might want to use it, whether there is enough space for the equipment, what the safety features are, and how to maintain it. Here’s a short guide on the factors to note:

Weight limit
Always check the total weight that the trampoline can support. The equipment’s weight limit will affect how many people can use the trampoline together and determine who can use it safely.

Before buying a trampoline, make sure the frame is sturdy and can hold the weight as stated. One must check the jumping mat’s material and the springs’ quality. A sturdy, well-built frame is likely to last a long time.

Safety net
While not necessary, it is recommended to get a safety net, as this creates a safety enclosure. Most above-ground trampolines come with a built-in safety net. This helps parents let children play on the trampoline without worrying about falling off.
Also, if the particular model does not have a built-in safety net, check for a bottom attachment where a safety net can be attached later. There should be an attachment that helps create a seal at the bottom for most safety.

Safety features
Apart from safety nets, some other safety features include trampoline ladders and an entrance closure to ensure the trampoline is safe to enter and use. It is also recommended that reinforced stitching be added to the safety net to prevent any rips.

The pricing will depend on the features, size, shape, and any other add-ons that are added. It is important to check different trampolines at varied prices to get one that fits your budget.

Popular trampoline brands
There are several popular trampoline brands in the market that you can consider exploring. Most of these typically have clearance sales during some of the months of the year, specifically around the holidays or festive season. So keep an eye out for those deals. Some brands to check include Springfree Trampoline, AlleyOOP Trampoline, JumpSport Trampoline, and Family Leisure Trampoline.

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