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Useful Products For Bowel Incontinence

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on April 1st, 2024

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Useful Products For Bowel Incontinence

Fecal incontinence is a type of bowel movement disorder where a person experiences accidental leakage or passing of bowels, whether it is solid or mucus. The condition is more common in older adults, usually over 65, and those who are not physically active, but a few cases may also be seen in children. Those experiencing fecal incontinence cannot control the urge to pass stools and may have to use certain products and get medical intervention to manage the condition.

What is bowel incontinence?

People with bowel incontinence have weak pelvic floor muscles, which make it nearly impossible for them to stop the movement. It can also result from nerve damage or heavy muscle injuries. At times, the person may be completely unaware of the leakage, which is termed passive incontinence. Here, the body cannot even sense whether the bladder or rectum is full.

Useful products for bowel incontinence

What products one may need for the condition differs from what type of bowel movement one has, including its color, size, amount, and consistency. Most products are designed to soak leakages, with fewer options to absorb solid matter. No matter what product one uses, changing it as soon as possible after use is crucial to maintain hygiene and prevent skin irritation or infection.

Here are the commonly recommended products for bowel incontinence:

1. Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads
Source: Birch Labs

These pads are worn in one’s underwear and are highly absorbent and effective for leakages and small stool volumes. They are quite easy to use and help with milder forms of fecal incontinence. Some companies provide odor solutions and absorbent pads, which help neutralize unpleasant smells and enhance user comfort and peace of mind.

2. Disposable underwear

Disposable underwear
Source: TENA

Bowel incontinence disposable underwear is an adult diaper. It is similar to an absorbent pad but worn in place of underwear to provide full coverage. It looks like pull-on briefs but is disposable, highly absorbent to avoid excess moisture accumulation around that area, and comfortable overall. The sizes may vary per one’s requirements, and most come with either elastic waistbands or adjustable waist tabs. Some diapers are also washable and reusable, which can help create less waste.

3. Anal plugs

Anal plugs
Source: Continence Products Advisor

Anal plugs are a safe alternative to stop mucus or stool leakage. These products are covered in water-soluble film to ensure seamless insertion, and they are made of medical-grade foam that allows air passage. Once inserted, the plug expands to the size of a cup, collecting the stool with a string attached to it for easy removal. Before using this, however, one should consult a healthcare professional to check if it’s suitable for them.

4. Disposable bags

Disposable bags
Source: Pexels

One should always keep disposable bags handy to dispose of soiled products safely. These products are usually scented and biodegradable and can help mask odors.

5. Bowel incontinence wipes

Bowel incontinence wipes
Source: TENA

Apart from the bags, one should also invest in disposable, non-toxic skin care wipes that can be used for cleaning. Hygiene is essential to avoid skin infections, redness, and other issues, so wipes are necessary for clean and dry skin after every bowel incontinence episode. Those with sensitive skin can look for skin-friendly cleansing wipes that contain soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E.

6. Cleansing sprays and fecal deodorants

Cleansing sprays and fecal deodorants
Source: Medi-Aire

One can also use stain- and odor-removing cleansing sprays on furniture to control odors and keep everything sanitized, fresh, and clean. Ensure these products are environment-friendly and use natural ingredients to neutralize or control the smell. After using the cleansing spray, one can also get a toxin-free and pleasant fecal deodorant to reduce the odor.

7. Skin creams

Skin creams
Source: Pexels

Highly absorbent products can sometimes dry out the skin and risk causing irritation or discomfort. To avoid this, it is advised to use skin creams after cleansing and drying the area. These creams can keep the skin moisturized and help maintain pH balance.

8. Bed pads

Bed pads
Source: Conkote

Bed soiling at night is one of the most concerning aspects of bowel incontinence. To avoid morning messes, one can use extra padding for beds. These bed protectors are waterproof and add a layer of protection for the bed or mattress. They can also be used on chairs, sofas, or car seats during long travels.

Besides using suitable products, another important aspect of managing bowel incontinence is tracking what one eats. One should avoid foods and drinks that worsen diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, or indigestion. It’s recommended to maintain a food diary, listing all meal timings, symptoms, and the body’s reactions, and share the same with the doctor to get personalized food preferences, suitable physical activity, meal plans, and useful products for one’s condition.

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