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Editorial Integrity

  • Our Editorial Process

  • Our Commitment to Content Integrity

  • Our Expert Review and Fact-Checking Process

  • We Prioritize Medical Accuracy

  • Our Holistic Perspective

  • We Prioritize Our Readers

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Transparency in Corrections

  • Data Privacy and Security

  • Transparency in Advertising and Monetization

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  • Here's how we provide accurate, reliable, and helpful health and wellness information that empowers our readers to make informed decisions about their well-being.

    At Modern60, we are committed to content integrity, medical accuracy, transparency, and a solid expert review process that includes fact-checking. Above all else, we care about the health and well-being of the person on the other side of the screen - our reader. This is why we've created strict guidelines for our editorial process. It's the backbone of everything we publish.

  • Everyone is searching for health information on the Internet, yet only few online sources are reliable. We're here to change this.

    At Modern60, our writers and editors ensure that all articles are fully backed by rigorous medical research and drawn from reputable, trustworthy sources. We spend time reading long, really technical clinical studies and unraveling the latest scientific breakthroughs so that we can break them down into bite-sized, easy-to-read articles for our readers.

    Our mission is to deliver articles that are not only accurate and balanced but also empathetic, compassionate, easy to understand, and, above all, truly beneficial for our readers. We pledge unwavering commitment to editorial integrity.

  • We hold our content to strict standards. We carefully select credentialed writers and ensure they write topics relevant to their experience.

    Our writers follow a thorough fact-checking process to ensure our content is accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy, citing all medical sources below every article. Sources are listed both in-text and at the bottom of every piece.

    Our editors add an extra level of accountability by ensuring all articles meet our requirements for accuracy, balance, empathy, compassion, simplicity, and helpfulness. Our editors touch every piece of content before we hit publish.

    All content related to medical, therapeutic, or specialized subjects is reviewed by credentialed professionals in the relevant field before publication. Our experts regularly review and update articles to ensure they reflect current best practices and relevancy and accuracy over time.

  • Our content is evidence-based, which means we spend time doing in-depth research for every piece. We also dive deep into clinical studies and the latest groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and sometimes we interview medical experts to get their perspectives.

    However, our website is not a substitute for medical advice, and we always recommend that readers consult with qualified healthcare professionals for any medical concerns.

    We do not promote any specific product or service as a medical cure or treatment without robust scientific evidence.

  • We recognize that health is multifaceted. Our content explores the interplay between physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors contributing to overall well-being.

    We commit to promoting both traditional and alternative therapies, always emphasizing evidence-based approaches.

  • We aim to provide our readers with relevant, helpful, and informative content.

    We welcome feedback from our readers. Your constructive responses and suggestions are invaluable to us!

    We also strive to improve our content based on the needs and interests of our audience. We maintain a transparent mechanism for readers to share feedback, report errors, or request clarification on any topic.

  • Everyone has a unique identity and culture, and our journeys are different. We strive to make our content inclusive, catering to readers from various backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and abilities.

    We prioritize voices from marginalized communities and feature diverse perspectives in our expert panel and contributor list.

  • We strive to achieve accuracy in everything we publish. It's important to us! However, In the event of errors or outdated information, we will swiftly make corrections. Such articles will have a clear note detailing what was changed and why.

    If you notice any error in our copy, we ask that you contact us immediately at, and we will address it promptly.

  • If collected, our readers' personal data will be protected rigorously, and we will comply with all relevant data protection laws and standards.

    We are transparent about our data collection practices and do not sell personal data to third parties.

  • Any advertising on the site does not compromise the integrity of our content. Any sponsored content or affiliate links are transparently identified.

    We clearly distinguish between editorial and advertising content, ensuring that the two never overlap in a misleading manner.

    We disclose any potential conflicts of interest, including any financial relationships with the products or services we cover.

  • If you want to provide feedback or have more questions about our editorial policy, don't hesitate to contact us at