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Aging with Love - Verses and Poems about Turning 50

Aging with Love - Verses and Poems about Turning 50

Writing a birthday card is often a challenging process. What can you say that hasn’t been said before? How do you strike a balance between humor, affection, and advice? If you’re one of many looking for endearing milestone birthday wishes or just want little prose pieces to add humor to your day, you’re at the right place. These verses and poems may be able to perfectly express your feelings for a loved one’s 50th birthday! Short Birthday Wishes For Turning 50 Here are some short, sweet, and simple rhymes for turning 50 that you can easily add to a birthday card to make it more unique! Here's to a happy 50 years, And cheers to 50 more. Who cares that you are aging? We love you to the core! (Unknown) Enjoy this year And say "Yes" a lot Fifty only comes once So give it your best shot! (Unknown) Age is just a number, And yours is rather high. But don't take it too harshly, We love you to the sky! (Unknown) Like a beautiful flower sparkling with dew Your radiant smile is each day renewed. Your grace and beauty on your jubilee of gold Are an inspiring sight for all to behold! (Unknown) Congratulations on your 50th year I hope that you know how I hold you dear! I wish you a future, happy, hopeful and healthy, And also, I should add, wonderfully wealthy! (Unknown) What a wonderful thing it must be, To celebrate year Fifty! To look back on your life, with your minds eyes To think of the lows, and relive the highs But don't think you're old. Life is just beginning, A new chapter while the world is spinning. While I reflect on the day, I have one wish for you, May all your deepest dreams come true. (Unknown) Fifty years on this earth... An incredible milestone! So pause and look up Lift your nose from the grindstone Reflect on your life The laughter and tears And celebrate big 'Coz you're 50 years! (Unknown) Catchy 50th Birthday Sayings There are so many ways to celebrate a loved one, so why limit yourself to prose? Here are some funny quotes, bantering sayings, and acrostic poems that’s sure to crack a smile or two! F is for how fabulous everyone thinks you are. I is for how interesting all your experiences have made you. F is also for the fun you bring into everyone’s lives. T is for how the tender way you show people that you care. Y is for just being you, the person that everyone adores. It isn’t so bad that you’re turning 50 if you can get away with lying about it. Do your best to avoid showing ID at all costs! Happy 50th birthday! If you want to feel better about your looks, tell strangers you’re 60 instead of 50 and they’ll tell you that you look pretty good for your age! Congratulations on finally reaching an age where you can save money AND get a senior discount! Here’s to hoping the next 50 years are even half as good as the first 50! Funny Poems About Turning 50 Aging doesn’t always have to be serious! Here are some light-hearted and funny poems and verses to share with your friends and family who are on the verge of turning 50. And I want jelly and ice cream If you get a chocolate muffin, and impale it on a stick You can just fit fifty candles, then you have to light them, quick! Apart from getting burned eight times, I guess the saddest fact, Is that you never get to eat it, because it ends up covered in wax! (Derek Ward) Welcome to 50! It’s not very young, nor is it old. It’s just in the middle, or so we are told. Still, I am younger and so thrilled to be, I’m glad you are 50, and that it’s not me! (Sandy Stert Benjamin) Over the hill You're over the hill, we all agree, There's no going back when you hit fifty. With fifty comes weight and aching joints, And you realize you've reached the halfway point. Who would have thought you'd still be able to see, When your eyes have aged for half a century? As things fall apart and other things end, Just remember you'll always have friends! (Unknown) A little bit of natural gray hair Will look good on you A little stubble or a beard Will look suave too I hope you take my advice As you turn fifty Because this mature look will Finally make people take you seriously (Unknown) Inspiring and Funny Poems About Turning 50 Sometimes, expressing your heart’s desires may take a few more words than usual, and your loved one turning 50 is a very special occasion to let your feelings flow! Poetry is the perfect way to do so as you can express your emotions beautifully in rhyming couplets or free verse. Happy birthday, you’re not getting old. Stay in the game, it’s not time to fold. Wrinkles and gray hair are just a new look, Countless experiences, you should write in the book. A birthday is seldom a serious occasion, Try not to take it as the d-day invasion. Laughter and jokes are within sight, Stock up on both, all through the night! (Unknown) It is so unfair that you manage to wear Fifty years in a youthful way! For your healthy glow and the spring in your step Take many of those years away! You age almost not with hardly a spot I can scarcely believe my eyes Please share how you manage, if only with me, How you stay both good-looking and wise. (Unknown) Five decades, half a century, Years failing to find their hold, Lie conquered, well-traversed, Behind your steady gait. And still remains your youthful glow, Tomorrow's moments to conceive, Love to share and life to live, And wonders to await. (Unknown) Look how far you have come And how far you have got to go How much experience and wisdom To others, you can show Look at what a grand journey Your life has been until now As we raise a toast to your life We stand up and take a bow(Unknown) Half a century you have lived As you turn fifty But don’t count the years Just think about your legacy You still have many a decade To live life to the fullest So years later you can say That my fifties were the best. (Unknown) Turning fifty is a matter of pride You have experience by your side You know everything there is to know You have knowledge and skills to show You have reached your professional zenith You have proved that success isn’t a myth You have nothing to worry about You are on the correct route So have fun while you can Happy birthday, old man (Unknown) Don’t rest, don’t stop Just because you are fifty You are only halfway You have much to do and see Don’t pause, don’t break Because of less responsibility You still have much to attain For yourself and your family The real purpose of your life You are about to now find out The rest of your journey will be Fantastic without a doubt (Unknown) Turning 50 Is Not So Bad Turning 50 is kind of nifty When you consider the alternative. You’re not pushing daisies or feeding the worms, You still have a lot of life left to live. So make the most of your golden years, Take time to see the sights and travel. Better to roll down the highway now, While you’re above, not beneath, the gravel. (Unknown) The Best Time Of Your Life The best time of your life Will start from here on Of many happy memories This is just the dawn The most exciting patch Of life, you will now see I wish you good health and happiness As you celebrate turning fifty ( Vez) All Grown Up Congratulations! You’ve just turned 50! You’re finally all grown up. And ready to party! Here are your slippers And your favorite robe. How about a heating pad For your back and hip? A warm glass of milk For your troubled tummy, A glass for your teeth, And a cushion for your seat. Hope this Birthday is nice and quiet. At your age, you need your rest. (Natasha Niemi) The best time of your life Will start from here on Of many happy memories This is just the dawn The most exciting patch Of life, you will now see I wish you good health and happiness As you celebrate turning fifty (Unknown) By now you must have learnt That life is too fickle You have to find your own happiness And reasons to smile and giggle By now you must have realized That life is not to be taken seriously Live each day to its fullest Should be your motto at fifty (Unknown) When I came to know That you turned fifty this year The first thing that came out From my mouth was Oh Dear! Because you are a person Who has lived life without fear Age seems to defy you Wrinkles are nowhere near. (Unknown) On your fiftieth birthday If I had to make list of qualities That make you a wonderful person I would be able to do it with ease There are not just fifty things But a hundred about you That make you so amazing Warm and loving too On your fiftieth birthday I raise A toast to your life’s journey Which has been until now Most admirable and worthy (Unknown) Heartfelt 50th Birthday Poems I have waited for this day all year, To celebrate your 50th birthday, my dear. My love for you, words cannot explain, I will always cherish; our dances in the rain. When we are just a day apart, I feel so empty and sad in my heart. You mean absolutely, everything to me, With you by my side, I feel so free. On this very special day, I just want to say, Happy 50th Birthday, my love; here’s a Hug and Kiss. (Terri Ilene Sevrinsky) Dance In The Rain Happy 50th birthday, we cheerfully extend. To the most wonderful person and loving dear friend. We hope all your wishes, certainly, come true. Our bond and our friendship, through the years has just grew. Happy 50th birthday, with good health that shall last. May joy fill your heart when you think of the past. Your values and dreams, we shall always support. These words and this poem is forever too short. Happy 50th birthday to us; you are dear. You bring joy to our souls whenever you’re near. Till the end of our days, our friend, you'll remain. You’ve turned only fifty, so go dance in the rain. (Unknown) Rose Your 50th birthday is like a second bloom. You bring excitement and joy when you enter a room. Elegance and beauty is your natural theme. From an enchanted place, in a faraway dream. You have proven that true beauty, awakens with age. I know you’re prepared, to turn this next page. Your humble soft nature, is just like a rose. Confidence and beauty, it mutually shows. Under the sunshine of life, so gentle you seem. But those who may challenge you, always end with a scream. It’s your 50th birthday, and we’re enjoying your bloom. The scent of your passions, we shall gladly consume. (Unknown) 50 Only Comes Once Your 50th year Is an incredible time So take full advantage Of your amazing prime And celebrate life, The tears and successes That have brought you to where you are And all your life possesses With the lessons you’ve gained And the wisdom you share Every soul you touch knows how deeply you care You’ve made incredible leaps. In your fulfilling career Building strength upon strength And year upon year So enjoy this year And say “Yes” a lot Fifty only comes once So give it your best shot! (Unknown) Here’s To 50 More! Welcome to being 50! You’ve reached a special point. Some will never make it to, But you didn’t disappoint. You’ve conquered many an obstacle. You’ve achieved many a dream. You’re graying at the temples. And your eyes still have a gleam. You’re entering another phase, It’s one you’ll love the most. An amazing time of freedom! So I’d like to make a toast… To a man that we all know And who all of us adore, Congratulations on your 50 years, And here’s to 50 more. (Unknown) A Living Success Welcome to the beginning, of youth of old age. Wrinkles and hair loss, have escaped from their cage. To look back at the past, there’s no rational aim. Gravity is winning, the fight with your frame. This 50th celebration, was not a request. For family and friends, It’s simply a test. All of your moves, They’ll examine precisely, and measure your waistline, not very nicely. From this day forward, if you showcase ambition. You’ll certainly require the doctor’s permission. Just take it easy; there’s no need to stress. In the 17th century, you’d be a living success. (Unknown) At 50 Empathy, the greatest virtue of all, Memorable situations to recall. Have no shame; if you don’t know, With humble honesty, you will glow. Odds of keeping an open mind, Same as the waistline, that is kind. Actions stronger than words, Don’t need to follow the herds. Never gave up on your kids, Learned to pick, the right forbids. Finally, the puzzle came together, You survived intensive weather. (Unknown) The Big “Five-O” You have made it to the big “Five-O,” Born and raised many ages ago. Tried to influence at least a million, Mirror succeeded, only one civilian. Now at fifty, you might need a cane, Trade it for your aging brain. Cannot decipher, without reading glasses, All those discounted subways passes. Adult diapers, you must invest, Extra layers we suggest. So many candles on that cake, If you count, I won’t stay awake. Don’t worry; you’re not losing your mind, If you forget, I’ll try to remind. After fifty years; still immature, Unfortunately, they don’t have a cure. (Martin Dejnicki) A Delightful Age I look at my hands; liver-spotted, blue-veined and muse on the taste of the cheese by that name. I ponder and think of one thing and another and the face in the mirror that looks like my mother. I go to Tai Chi for balance and hope I don’t get Alzheimer’s and try to elope with the neighbor’s hubby who tidies my garden, (he says it will help stop his arteries harden) I don’t need home help; I can still climb a ladder the heart’s a bit “dickey,” and so is the bladder. If this is old age, then it’s pretty good value, so pour me a wine and pass the Sudoku. (Deryn Pittar) The Gifts You Have Given Us Turning 50 is quite an occasion So we really want to say, How we truly feel about you On this very special day. Thank you for the wisdom That you shared all through the years. Thanks for all the times that you Talked away our fears. Thanks for being there for us To console us through our tears, And share the many happy times That we've enjoyed over the years. We have some gifts to give you, But they never can compare, To the gifts that you have given us, Just letting us know you, and the love you share. (Unknown) Not Quite Over The Hill Over the hill is what they used to say, To anyone celebrating a 50th birthday. Don't listen to anything that you're told, Being 50 is great, you're not really so old. Just 'cause your knees are weak doesn't mean you're getting old, And if your hand's a little shaky, it's still nice enough to hold. So your hair's a little thinner, don't waste time worrying about that. So your waist is a bit thicker, you're just more cuddly with a little fat. And even if your gums are starting to recede, You can always buy more teeth if you really feel the need. So don't fret about turning 50, don't face the day with dread, 'Cause age is just a number, and it's all inside your head. You're really still as young as you believe yourself to be, So embrace the fact you're 50 and celebrate with glee. (Unknown)

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