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Grandfather Nicknames – 40+ Classic to Clever Monikers

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on November 21st, 2023


Grandfather Nicknames – 40+ Classic to Clever Monikers

Raising a child involves addressing countless questions each day. And one of the most discussed questions among elders is what the toddler will call the grandparents! Keeping an open mind to the child’s choice and also accepting that there may be variations along the way that you probably never considered. Selecting a moniker is a lot of fun and here’s some tips and ideas to choose unique nicknames for grandfathers.

Tips for picking a grandfather’s nickname

Brainstorming to come up with a name that a child will call their grandpa is more complicated than one can imagine. Sometimes there may be a name picked out, but you and your better half may not be too optimistic about it. That’s not all. The elder may also have reservations about the nickname used to address them. The most feasible solution to this is to find a name that everyone can appreciate. So, the parents might have to be a little more flexible in this regard. While name ideas that are not very appealing could be omitted, it is important to remain open to the name the child’s grandpa wants. After all, it is their name in question. Also, grandparents should think of names that are not similar to what the child addresses their dad as and must be comfortable with being called that particular name publicly.

When selecting a name for grandpa, you may also need to consider what the child will call your partner’s parent. You may not want your toddler to use the same name to address another grandparent.

Traditional picks

Do you want something that sounds similar to grandpa but want to add a unique twist to it? In this case, you should look at classical nicknames that are the easiest for kids to remember. Many new grandparents feel comfortable and also find meaning in this tradition. Grandparents could also go by the same name that they called their elders to honor and connect them to the family lineage. That said, here are some traditional picks to consider.

  • Pa
  • Grandpa
  • Gramp
  • Pop-Op
  • Gramps
  • Grampa
  • Grampy
  • Grandpappy
  • Granddad
  • Grandaddy
  • Grandfather
  • Grandpop
  • Pappy
  • Poppy

Those who pick any of these aliases can come up with numerous variations on the traditional “grandpa.” Some pronunciations may also come from other languages, while others may result from innocent mispronunciations by the child. A few families may also choose to add the grandparent’s name or last name to their pen name. The fusion could result in combinations like Poppa Miller or Grandpa Will. Grandparents, parents, or kids could add a unique twist to it. For example, a grandfather known for his whiskers could be called “Grandskers.”

Modern nicknames

Nowadays, some grandfathers like hearing their grandchildren call them by a younger-sounding name. Also, those who pick different names often choose options that relate to a job or an interest that they have. So, while the list of the top modern nicknames for grandfathers is short, you can expect it to grow as the Baby Boomer generation starts becoming grandparents. Meanwhile, parents and their folks could consider this list of modern names.

  • Ace
  • Boss
  • Bubba
  • Buck
  • Buddy
  • Buzzy
  • Captain
  • Chief
  • Coach
  • G or Gee
  • G-Pa
  • Grady
  • Granda or Grandy
  • Grand-dude
  • Granite
  • Papa Daddy
  • Papster
  • Pepe, Pepo, or Peppy
  • Poppo or PoPo
  • PopZ
  • Rocky
  • Skipper

Cultural nicknames

If the grandfather is a descendant of another culture, using cultural sobriquets may serve as a bridge between past and future generations. However, even if the grandfather or parents do not have cultural ties, they could still embrace nicknames of various nationalities. But one should remember that since these are taken from other languages, they might have different spellings when translated into English.

YéYé or YehYeh are Chinese nicknames for grandfathers on the paternal side. Kids call their maternal granddad Gōng Gong or Wàigōng. In the Philippines, it is common for grandchildren to address their old man as Lolo. But you could also look at other labels like Lelong, Abwelo, and Ingkong. If you’re looking for Flemish options, Bompi, Opa, Opi, and Bompa are admirable choices. The French love aliases like Grand-père, Grand-papa, Pépère, Papy, or Papi. Or you could go with Opa – a common German name for grandfathers. There are several other terms from various languages that you, as a parent or grandparent, could look into.

  • Greek: Pappoús, Pappoo, Papu, Papou
  • Korean: Haraboji, Harabeoji, Halaboji, Halabeoji
  • Hawaiian: Tutu Kane, Kuku Kane
  • Hebrew: Saba, Sabba
  • Irish: Seanathair, Daideó
  • Japanese: Ojiisan, Sofu, Jiji
  • Polish: Dziadek, Dziadziu
  • Yiddish: Zayde, Zaydee, Zaydeh
  • Portuguese: Avô, Avozinho, Vovô, Vo
  • Italian: Nonno, Nonnuccio, Nonnino, Nonnetto
  • Russian: Dedushka, Deda, Dedulya
  • Spanish: Abuelo, Abuelito, Lito

Cool grandfather nicknames

Kids are experts in coming up with cool nicknames for grandparents. While these may not have the word “grandpa” in them, the names could represent unique characteristics. Other than sounding unique and bringing a chuckle to their faces, such nicknames could also make the grandpa feel young and more energetic. A grandkid may refer to their grandfather as Denim, which means cool and funky. Else, they could also address the great-grandpa with the acronym, GG. Kids could also give their granddad other names, like Grandpa Bob, to give the elder a detective-like feel. There are many others on this list, including Grand Gramps.

  • Grampy pappy
  • Pappap
  • Pa
  • Paps
  • Papa
  • Papi
  • Pops
  • Poppop

Funny names for grandpa

Making someone laugh, especially your granddaddy, is a wholesome experience. And one of the ways to do this is to give him a funny nickname he is comfortable with. So, here are a few funny yet cool nicknames for him.

  • Grand père
  • Grandpapa
  • Grand Chief
  • Big pops
  • Opa
  • Grand Dude
  • Big Poppy
  • Nanno
  • Popsy
  • Papzo
  • Dabba Doo
  • Gampa

Nicknames selected by kids

Grandparents could pick all the nicknames that they want the child to call them. But toddlers may usually blurt out a new variation during their first attempts to say the name. And you simply cannot ignore the charm of it when they are spoken by the child. They are beautiful to hear and may have sweet stories behind their creation.

Grandfathers may also choose not to spend too much time thinking about the nickname, and that’s okay. You could always discuss the name you have in mind with the parents before coming to a final conclusion. A parent must come up with a base name until their child eventually comes up with a name for the grandparent and see how it sounds when the child speaks it. The child may not say it exactly how you thought it would sound, but that’s the beauty of it. The kid may also surprise you by speaking a name you love but have never thought of before.

Top nicknames according to surveys

Parents and grandparents may find it tedious to pick a single name, especially when there are so many options to pick from. So if you need help to narrow the list, there is a top ten list you could consider. A survey conducted by the Coverty District has helped conclude the most popular nicknames for grandparents throughout the country. Based on the survey, Papa was the most popular nickname for grandfathers in 36 out of 50 states. But there were also other names that made the top 10. Papaw and pawpaw were also popular choices in this category. Other names that received the highest response include:

  • Pop or Pop-pop
  • Granddad
  • Grampy
  • Poppy
  • Grandfather
  • Abuelo or Abuelito
  • Gramps

Remember, the nickname a parent, grandparent, or eventually the child picks is only the second relationship with the grandchild. The first is the strong bond the family creates. Spending time with the grandchild opens an avenue of beautiful memories that the grandparents cherish forever. Still, choosing a name for the grandparent is a great honor, so no matter the choice, it will stay for years. And to show how much this gesture is loved, parents or grandparents could personalize a special gift with the nickname. For example, they could have the alias engraved on a stone, bracelet, or another item. The only question that remains is, what name will you pick for your Grandpa?

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