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50+ Adorable Grandma Nicknames to Match Her Personality

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on November 21st, 2023


50+ Adorable Grandma Nicknames to Match Her Personality

Grandmothers are a source of love, joy, and warmth. Whether it is her interesting bedtime stories, her nostalgic anecdotes, the memories of her cooking for you, or sharing hundreds of lovely activities together, your granny has a million facets that make her truly cherished. For these reasons, your incredible grandma deserves to have an equally incredible nickname of her own. You can choose from adorable, mischievous, pop culture-referencing, or downright sassy grandma nicknames.


It’s always better to kick things off with the short, simple, and sweet Ma, one of the most commonly used granny names in the Southern states and in several parts of the rest of the world!


There’s something about a nickname that just rolls off the tongue—People in several countries use this adorable nickname to address their grandmothers affectionately. A fun fact is that Nana is also used for grandfathers in certain countries!


Did you know that the earliest use of Mamaw was in the 19th century? Mamaw is an adaptation of the Greek “mamme,” which translates into “breasts.” While the nickname isn’t really common anymore, it can still strike a chord with your grandmother!


In Italian, Nonna is the word used to call grandmothers. While this is endlessly cute, an even cuter version of it is the variation “Nonnina,” which translates into “little grandmother.”


Not every nickname needs to have a meaning behind it. Take Nanny-Magoo for example. This is just one of the cool grandma names from the collection of unique ones!


Short, sweet, catchy. This is one of the more hip names for grandmas everywhere.


Oma is the German word for grandmother, and if your granny has always wanted to travel to Germany or loves the culture, you can start using this adorable nickname to call her too!


This is yet another one of those musically-tinged trendy grandma names. If your nana loves music, then this nickname will do just fine for her.

Grand Maw

Sometimes, the old classics trump the new way of thinking. Grand Maw is one of the most beautiful, old-fashioned grandma names to choose from, especially if your family has roots in the countryside.


This nickname is one of the more mischievous ways on our list. It’s easy for kids to pick up, and they’re sure to love addressing their granny with it.

Meemaw (Memaw)

Similar to Grand Maw, this nickname is also steeped in tradition. Meemaw is a variation of the grandma name Mimi and is commonly used all across the Southern states.

Big Mama

If you want your grandma’s nickname to sound sassy, then here is the perfect option for you. Big Mama is one of the most badass grandma names on our list.


If the word Grammy is too long to say, then Grams is the perfect choice. Short and sweet, it is one of the most trendy grandma names out there.

Queen G

There are badass grandma names, and then there are THE badass grandma names. Your grandma is, by all accounts, the queen of the world, and here is a name that befits her!


This one is a slightly childlike variation of the popular “Grammy” nickname. This is why, Glammy is for all the young grandmas out there.


If you are looking for quirky and funny grandma names to call your beloved granny, then Nama fits the bill very well.

Insta Grammy

For all the social media-loving grandmothers out there, Insta Grammy is one of the quirkiest and most trendy grandma names you can find.


If your grandmother has Greek origins or is besotted with the lovely Greek culture, then Yaya can be a nice way to address her.


Food-based options are always a success when it comes to nicknames. And so, calling your grandmother Momo may seem a bit goofy at first, but it may well sit eventually with her.


This is not just one of the cutest and most hip names for grandmas, but it also translates into “granny” in the Swahili language.


From a traditional and somewhat old-fashioned grandma name, we move to one of the most trendy grandma names you can bestow upon your adorable grandma. Mimzy has a nice millennial zing to it, making it a favorite among the grannies of today.


To add to the theme of food-based nicknames, Coco is a nickname you can bestow upon your warm, comforting, and endearing grandmother.

Granny Pie

You may have heard the affectionate term “Sweety Pie.” Granny Pie is a slight variation of that and an adorable way of letting your grandmother know how sweet she is.


If your grandmother loves Portuguese culture, then Avó, which means granny in Portuguese, is a fantastic choice of nickname for her.


This nickname is similar to Big Mama but with a hip-hop-esque edge to it. So, if your grandma likes to listen to rap music, you know what to call her.


Babushka has a lovely ring to it. You can take inspiration from the Russian language and pick this nickname for your grandmother if you haven’t picked a special name for her yet!


Madre is a Spanish term that translates into mother. The G in front of this term in this nickname makes this one of the more sophisticated and trendy grandma names on the list.


Nicknaming someone after a food item can often also indicate some fond memories with them around that food. Whether it is for the millions of cookies she’s baked you or your shared love for chocolate-chip, Cookie is definitely a cute grandma nickname.


The Cha-Cha is a dance of Cuban origin. So, if your grandma loves dancing, then calling her Cha-Cha is a celebration of that facet of her personality.


The relationship between a grandmother and her grandchildren is tender, supportive, and above all, enduring. Deeda is a great nickname to give to one of the most important people in your life.


Moomaw is one of the more funny grandma names that can turn into something special just for the two of you and result in lots of love and laughter.


Canadians of French descent tend to call their matriarch using this cute and wholesome nickname.

Nai Nai

Like many entries on this list, Nai Nai has regional and cultural significance attached to it. It translates into “grandmother” in Chinese.


This is one of the more hip names for grandmas who always love to have a laugh and joke around.


Nicknames need to be catchy and memorable to make them truly stick. Doesn’t Tootsie sound like an incredibly catchy nickname for grandmas who provide a never-ending supply of candy to their grandkids.


Gamma almost sounds like someone pronouncing grandma incorrectly. However, it is one of the more cool grandma name ideas that our grandma name generator (we) came up with.


Some grandmothers make for quintessential cat ladies. For such individuals, Meemow fits just right.


Whether your grandma likes the pop star or not, Gaga nevertheless has an aura of trendiness about it. This makes it a nice celebrity grandma name that will suit her to a T if she has a badass personality.


Nothing beats the classic, quintessential sound of “granny” when it comes to adorable grandma nicknames.


In Indonesian culture, Nenek translates into “grandmother.” It sounds similar to Nana, and its cultural significance can make it all the more precious.


One of the more funny grandma names out there, Hammaw is ideal for grandmas who have gorgeous smiles and love to laugh.


This is another nickname that is used in the European culture. Bedstemoder is what Danish people affectionately call their grandmothers.


From frosty Denmark, we move on to laidback Hawaii. TuTu has a nice ring to it and reflects the irresistible Hawaiian culture. If your grandmother is of Hawaiian descent or adores the place’s culture, then calling her TuTu will be a good choice!


This is another one of those options that are among the more hip names for grandmas. Zsa-Zsa is a nickname of Hebrew origin, and it is a unique nickname for your grandma.


Savta literally translates into “grandma” in Hebrew, and if your grandmother likes the sound of the nickname, there’s no reason not to use it for her!


Whereas Savta and Zsa-Zsa are indicative of the Hebrew heritage, Ouma is reflective of the African culture. In Afrikaans, the native language in many zones across the continent, Ouma is used to affectionately address one’s grandmother.


Some nicknames do not need an extensive backstory, like this one. “Bubba” is just a cute and young grandma nickname that is catchy and will find its way to your grandma’s heart.


Like Ma, this is also an incredibly simple yet warm nickname to address one’s grandma. This nickname has a global appeal, and you can call your grandma this regardless of which culture you belong to.


The popular grandma name Mimi is a shortened form of the term Mama. Like Bubba, this one too just rolls off the tongue with ease.


This nickname is quirky and adorable. While not many people may call their grandma Bubbles, this nickname offers a break from some of the more traditional grandma nicknames out there and may just suit your beloved grandmother perfectly.

Gram Gram

Like Grammy, this too has a musical tinge to it. In fact, take a minute and say the nickname out loud in the most sing-song way possible, isn’t it adorable?

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