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Julie Bowen Shares the Affordable Skincare Routine Behind Her Timeless Glow

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

Julie Bowen Shares the Affordable Skincare Routine Behind Her Timeless Glow

"I just want to feel good, and I want my brain to feel good, and that means going outside."

Maintaining one’s health after 50 can often feel overwhelming. But ask Julie Bowen, and she’ll say that taking things one step at a time is the key to staying healthy. It has also helped the star stay active and young-looking at 54. But what are her secrets to her near-everlasting beauty? She says healthy meals, doctor appointments, workouts, and taking time to breathe are some of the things that help her achieve her youthful glow.

Julie Bowen lying on couch wearing beautiful red dress

Bowen, who played Virginia Venit in the comedy movie Happy Gilmore, says she realized the power of small steps between her first and second pregnancy. The actress was fond of running, so she got back into running 5Ks. She simply downloaded an app to assist her with the fitness journey, taking one step at a time. In an interview with Woman’s Day, Bowen said, “I just want to feel good, and I want my brain to feel good, and that means going outside.” She added, “You don’t need any equipment. You don’t need anything other than this desire to take care of yourself.” And we’re all for her method.

Julie Bowen caught staring at Sofia Vergara

Julie Bowen also enjoys putting on makeup occasionally. When asked whether she does her own makeup, Bowen said to Beauty Crew, “I can put on the very basics, but there is no substitute for a professional. And for hair, I’m really awful – I will just put fake hair on, [like] a fake ponytail. Because I’m not good at doing my own hair and I have fine hair, I keep it in a cut that looks cute, especially for when I take the kids to school.”

Julie Bowen at an award show
Getty Images

The Modern Family actress also believes maintaining good mental health is key to staying active, healthy, and beautiful. Acting can have a significant impact on one’s health. Therefore, Bowen took up various hobbies to help cope with stress. In the same interview with Beauty Crew, she added, “I’ve taken up piano; I used to take lessons, but my work schedule doesn’t really allow for another thing to be scheduled, so I just bought some books and play at home. I’ll download some music or buy a book, and it seems impossible, but after a week or so, it’s not so impossible.”

Julie Bowen with her co- star

Despite her perfect streak in acting, working on her health, and achieving her youthful look, Bowen did make a poor yet funny decision in the past. She revealed in the same interview with Beauty Crew, “I think that the 90s sperm brow is not a good look for anyone, you know, that funny little over-plucked comma above the eye was not good. I also allowed someone to talk me into dyeing my eyebrows lighter, like bleaching them! I also know the 90s are coming back, and I’ve seen a lot of this dark matte lipstick that was never a good look on me, I’m not going back to it.”

Well, we don’t really know who it is, but could Phil Dunphy be the one to blame?

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