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Diane Keaton’s Secrets to Thriving Skin and Body are Out!

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

Diane Keaton’s Secrets to Thriving Skin and Body are Out!

“...I also have an extended family. The people who stayed. The people who became more than friends; the people who open the door when I knock.”

It’s been over half a century since The Godfather’s release, and we still can’t get over this masterpiece. While our minds immediately summon the legendary Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, these aren’t the only actors who swept us off our feet in the movie. Take Diane Keaton as the free-spirited Kay Adams Corleone, for example. Can you imagine anyone else who could’ve carried off this portrayal as brilliantly as Keaton did? It was almost like magic.


With an illustrious career spanning over five decades, Keaton has certainly had one heck of a ride in Hollywood. Having played integral parts in The Godfather, Manhattan, Sleeper, Annie Hall, Love and Death, and several other blockbusters in her heyday, this style icon has recently segued into blogging and even has a successful stint in real estate. But what amazes us even more is that at a whopping 78, this veteran star is raring to go, and how! Looking at her radiant appearance, we couldn’t resist getting to the bottom of her skincare and fitness secrets.

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It is truly inspiring how Keaton has prioritized her health and fitness while intermittently facing health scares and struggles. As a two-time survivor of skin cancer, Keaton has had her fair share of health struggles right from her early years. And that’s probably why she’s so particular about skincare and fitness and manages to look so vibrant at her age. So, what does Diane Keaton do differently to care for her body and skin?


In an interview, Keaton revealed that if there’s one product she religiously applies on her skin, it’s the L’Oréal Paris sunscreen with SPF 50. “That’s what I do, I keep it in my pocket,” she told the LA Times in an interview. However, talking about her skincare routine in her early years, the actress said, “Back in my 20s, I didn’t pay attention much.” She further added, “I didn’t research and didn’t really care and that was stupid because it’s dogged me my entire adult life, even recently. I didn’t start sun care until my 40s.” But now, it’s something she can’t do without. Those signature hats she dons are also a part of sun protection.

Getty Images

We were also amazed to discover that the septuagenarian is into spin dancing. “It’s rough. But at least I’m there. I’m sweating. I think the key here is that you don’t have to be like everybody else. Just do it. Do it the best you can do it.” She told the Chicago Sun Times about her spin classes. She’s also big-time into cardio, mainly treadmill and brisk walking.

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