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3 Things To Know About Casper Mattress Sale On Sears

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on April 2nd, 2024


3 Things To Know About Casper Mattress Sale On Sears

People spend extended hours seated in front of screens, which has led to prevalent postural issues. Therefore, having a comfortable mattress to rest on after a long day has become essential. Casper Sleep Inc. is an award-winning company that has been designing premium sheets and mattresses since 2014. Additionally, a departmental store chain, Sears, offers massive discounts on Casper mattresses. If you’re considering purchasing a Casper mattress from Sears, here are a few things to know.

The brand offers premium original foam and hybrid mattresses

Casper manufactures its mattresses using four different layers of foam— memory foam, support foam, support poly, and polyfoam. Its original foam mattresses have premium-quality, breathable, CertiPUR®-certified foams that relieve pressure and provide optimal comfort. The company also has Original Hybrid mattresses, which consist of the same foam types but have additional springs for enhanced airflow. Both these types of foam mattresses are available at Sears, but you may want to consider some factors before picking one.

Source: Casper

Casper’s original foam is enough for those looking for a budget-friendly but highly comfortable mattress and can do with moderate support. On the other hand, if you need extra back support, especially if you engage in physical labor or experience back problems, you can opt for the Hybrid mattress variety. Hybrid mattresses are also better suited for hot sleepers.

Various sizes of mattresses are available

Casper offers mattresses in various sizes to accommodate the individual needs of its customers. You can easily find each of the following mattress types at your nearest Sears store.

  • The smallest available mattress is the twin mattress, with a width of 38 inches and a length of 75 inches. So, if you’re looking for a mattress for your little one or need a single-sleeper mattress, this mattress is ideal. Also, because of its compact size, they can easily fit into studio apartments or smaller rooms.
  • The next available size is twin XL, measuring 38 inches by 80 inches. This mattress size is a good option for families with two children, tall adolescents, and those with small to medium-sized rooms. Moreover, you can easily accommodate two Twin XL mattresses if you already own a standard king-size bed frame.
  • Another option best suited for couples or those who share their beds with pets or toddlers is the full mattress by Casper. The dimensions are 53 inches by 75 inches.
  • The queen mattresses by Casper, 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, are ideal for couples who enjoy the luxury of space. It also works well for those who share their bed with children or medium-sized pets.
  • The next option is the king-size mattress, which is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. This size is perfect for couples who share their bed with their children or large pets. You can find great deals on Casper king-size mattresses at any Sears outlet.
  • Many tall people often find it difficult to get mattresses that accommodate their height. However, Casper’s California king mattresses are the longest ones you can find in the market, with a width of 72 inches and a length of 84 inches. These comfortable mattresses are perfect for individuals who are six feet or above.

When picking a Casper mattress, you must consider several aspects, such as your height, the number of people using the mattress at a time, and the size of your room. The brand also provides mattresses catering to specific health concerns, like back pain.

The brand offers a 10-year warranty on its mattresses

An extended warranty period is a basic requirement when buying an expensive item such as a mattress. Casper offers a 10-year warranty on all its mattresses, which means you will not have to spend extra money in case of any defects or damages found in the mattress during this period. Additionally, the company provides a 100-day trial and exchange option. You can exchange your chosen mattress for another one if it does not suit your requirements within the first 100 days of use.

If you’re looking for quality Casper mattresses after considering these key features, you should check out Sears’ discounts and deals. The departmental store offers coupons and lucrative discounts on all Casper mattresses twice a year. This means you can buy the preferred mattresses at a significantly lower rate than the original market price. Generally, Sears organizes Casper mattress sales during specific occasions like Memorial Day and Labor Day (such as the “mattress in a box”). So, remember to buy your preferred Casper mattresses at your nearest Sears store during these occasions.

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