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Making Friends in Retirement – Tips, Top Clubs, and Benefits

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on January 12th, 2024


Making Friends in Retirement – Tips, Top Clubs, and Benefits

Companionship is a universal need, and older adults are more likely to feel socially isolated, which can increase the risk of health issues. Interacting and enjoying the company of people with the same wavelength can prove beneficial for health. There are many ways to meet like-minded people, and joining clubs for seniors near you is one of the most popular ways. Want to know a few more? Keep reading!


Find people with similar interests

Find People with similar interest

As birds of a feather flock together, one of the most effective ways to make new friends is to find a hobby you can engage in with like-minded people. A group focused on achieving common goals, such as learning a new skill or developing existing hobbies, can bond well together and form close relationships over time. Further, this can give way to motivation and encouragement to pursue and keep up with favorite tasks. The best way to find such like-minded people is to join activity or hobby classes based on your interests.

Look for walking buddies

Find a walking buddy

Staying physically active is a must for ensuring good health at any age. Studies suggest that walking offers a wide range of health benefits for older adults, including enhancing mental alertness, lowering stress levels, and reducing the risk of dementia and depression. So, walking should be a part of your daily routine. In addition to such benefits, walking can also promote social well-being. Today, you can find groups for seniors that enable interaction with others while walking and caring for physical health. You can find walking buddies in your neighborhood or join existing walking groups to meet new people and build relationships.

Volunteer for a cause


Another way to find friends and bond over a common purpose in retirement is to volunteer for a cause close to your heart. For example, if you are passionate about empowering women or eradicating poverty and ensuring equal rights for all, you can find groups working towards achieving these goals. Joining a volunteer group can help you find people with similar objectives, increasing your social interactions and facilitating meaningful friendships.

Join a book-reading club


Book clubs can be fun ways to rekindle your love for reading while meeting new people. Analyzing characters and discussing the themes of novels can engage your mind and help you rediscover your passion for reading. You can join local book-reading clubs for seniors near you or form a club with other book lovers in your area. Today, online book-reading clubs have also enabled bookworms from different parts of the world to discuss their favorite books. Such online interactions can also be fulfilling, opening your mind to different cultural perspectives.

Engage in a sport

Engage in a sport

According to studies, sports can help reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression and improve balance. Engaging in sports like golf and table tennis may not require excessive energy and are suitable for those with mobility issues. In addition, these sports can help seniors meet and interact with other enthusiasts and expand their social circle. Additionally, such group activities can alleviate feelings of loneliness and help build long-lasting camaraderie.

Join music groups

Join Music Groups

If you have a keen ear for music, then there is nothing more appealing than singing these melodies with fellow music enthusiasts. Singing can offer health benefits like reducing anxiety and boosting confidence. Music groups encourage members to celebrate a shared love for music. Seniors with a penchant for music can benefit from forming or joining such groups, singing their favorite melodies with other music lovers, and meeting new people in the process.

Organize movie sessions

Movie sessions for seniors

Movies are great ways to understand different perspectives and experience various parts of the world from the comfort of your home. Further, sharing this experience with other movie connoisseurs can be highly enriching and rewarding. What’s more? With the advent of OTT platforms, several classic movies from across the globe have become easily accessible. You may choose to spend some of your post-retirement days relaxing in front of the TV with your movie group and some homemade popcorn, discussing the themes of your favorite movies.

Reconnect with old buddies


While meeting new people is a great way of finding companionship after retiring, it is common to overlook reconnecting with those who were perhaps an integral part of your life in the past. Reconnecting with old friends has become incredibly easy with social media. Often, catching up with old buddies not only brings back fond memories but is also similar to meeting a new person. This is because there is usually a lot to catch up on when there has been minimal contact over the years. You could organize a high-school reunion or a meet-up for seniors at your favorite old spots, such as your school or former workplace, where you may have shared memories with them earlier in life.

Join a yoga or meditation class


Studies have shown that yoga offers health benefits like better breathing, prevention of diseases like osteoporosis, lowered anxiety levels, and a better sleep cycle. Further, research suggests that meditation can reverse cognitive decline and enhance different cognitive functions. Spiritual wellness can facilitate psychological, biological, social, and emotional well-being. So, what could be better than attending a meditation class and embarking on this spiritual path with other seekers? Joining a meditation class is an excellent way to make new friends in your spiritual journey.

Join an app

Join an app for entertainment

Today, there is no dearth of online apps and platforms that use data science and analytics to help you connect with people based on similar interests and demographics. These apps are not restricted to dating and relationships; you can even use the platforms to find friends and meet compatible people. What’s more? You can filter your search based on your preferred age group and location. While looking for friends on such apps, it helps to have conversations first and ensure the person is known or reliable before providing any personal information or scheduling in-person meetings.

Get to know your neighbors

Why go far when you can find your buddies close to your home? Becoming friends with your neighbors can facilitate a harmonious existence and enhance your social wellness. You can organize community events and form activity groups for seniors to try fun things together, from celebrating festivals and special events to even casual sleepovers and hangouts. So, it is a good idea to step out and meet your neighbors more often, learn about their backgrounds, family members, lifestyles, and interests, and organize events and even occasional vacations. You may even spend time with their family members or offer to babysit their children or grandchildren if that is something you enjoy.

Become a tutor


If you have considerable experience in a professional field or area of interest and enjoy teaching, you can consider becoming a tutor or teacher after retirement. This way, you can help beginners in the industry find their way and achieve success. Besides, tutoring can help you connect with new people, who can help expand your social network. Discussing your favorite subjects can strengthen your bond with students, who may eventually become good friends and confidants. Although in-person classes are typically more effective in expanding your social connections, teaching offers you the flexibility of switching to online classes whenever you want.

Consider freelancing

Consider freelancing

Finding part-time gigs might not be a feasible option when working a full-time job. However, freelancing is a lucrative post-retirement option, offering flexibility and a source of income. Further, it can serve as an effective means to connect with other professionals in your field, ensuring that you continue to stay connected with the latest developments in the industry while enjoying your retirement years.

Find a travel group

How does taking a vacation and enjoying the bliss and breathtaking views of a faraway destination sound? Frequent travel can offer a host of benefits for older adults, including lowering the risk of dementia, depression, cognitive impairment, strokes, and heart attacks. Also, it is an incredible way of meeting people from all walks of life and extending your social circle. Apart from interacting with people in your travel group, you can also make friends with people from new lands and continue staying in touch with them once you come back home. While planning trips, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional if you are traveling to higher altitudes or engaging in vigorous activities like water sports.

Book a cruise trip

Book a cruise trip

Embarking on a cruise is one of the best ways to meet new people you probably would not have met otherwise. A cruise allows people from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities to interact and learn about each other on the journey. Moreover, the world has become a global village today, making it a breeze for you to continue staying in touch with people you meet on the cruise once the trip ends. Several cruise lines offer senior-friendly facilities like mobility assistance, which can help older adults enjoy their vacation and explore the ship with ease.

Attend local events

Local events like fairs, exhibitions, and programs can help you meet new people and strike up interesting conversations, often serving as the starting point for long-lasting friendships. It is a good idea to check out the cultural and social events ta the neighborhood and volunteer or participate in such events to expand your network.

Engage in community gardening

Engage in community gardening

If you have a green thumb, this is the perfect activity for you. Today, with the ever-expanding population and growing human needs, there is little space reserved for greenery. Community gardening can not only help you make a difference but also meet other people passionate about gardening and the environment. Several community groups offer senior-friendly gardening tools, which can help senior citizens and those with mobility issues get started with the activity. Further, gardening in a group can be an enriching experience, helping you expand your social circle.

Create or join a game club

Playing board or card games is a tried-and-tested strategy to pass the time and interact with near and dear ones on lazy evenings. Games like ludo, chess, Uno, cards, billiards, and Monopoly can also help you interact with new people and establish new bonds. It is a good idea to explore senior game clubs or groups for seniors and retirees in your area. If not, you may choose to create one, either by yourself or in collaboration with a couple of friends.

Join a relevant support group

Sometimes, knowing that others are in the same boat as you can provide a certain level of relief and motivation to deal with the issue. Support groups enable people trying to overcome a common issue to come together and support one another. Such groups may serve several purposes. For example, some support groups may aim to help members cope with a traumatic event, while others may seek to offer assistance in giving up a bad habit. If you, as a retired individual, are facing an issue in your life, joining a support group can help you find social support and meet new people facing similar challenges.

When making new friends online, it is important to follow a few safety measures. For example, you must avoid sharing excessive personal information during the first few conversations, proceeding only after you have spoken with the other person and are sure about their genuineness. It also helps to meet new friends in a bustling public place instead of a secluded space. Nevertheless, staying socially connected can boost your mood, reduce the risk of certain physical and mental health conditions, and help you build an enjoyable post-retirement life.

Top senior clubs

If you want to join a community, there is no dearth of clubs for seniors in the country today. So, take a look at the following popular senior clubs:

AmeriCorps Seniors

AmeriCorps Logo

This government organization is designed for seniors aged 55 and older to find suitable volunteering opportunities.

National Senior Games

National Senior Games Logo

You can join this exuberant senior club, meant for sports enthusiasts 50 or older. This club provides members with opportunities to participate in several sports, including golf, tennis, and pickleball.


This non-profit organization is the perfect fit for you if you are looking to explore cutting-edge technology and its functions. SeniorNet is an online community of enthusiastic seniors who can turn to each other for guidance on using gadgets.


SilverSneakers Logo

You can download the free SilverSneakers app to access over 80 types of classes exclusive to seniors, ranging from outdoor walking groups to workshops on nutrition.

Benefits of social well-being

Improves cognitive health

Studies have demonstrated that a lack of socialization may increase the risk of declining cognitive function among older adults. Conversely, a study reported that a high frequency of social interactions was associated with better performance on cognitive tests measuring processing speed and attention, spatial working memory, and memory binding.

Reduces stress

Socialization provides seniors with a sense of purpose and meaning, helping reduce stress levels and related health problems like cardiovascular diseases. In general, socialization reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress-causing hormone, in the body and aids in better health.

Lowers risk of mental health issues

The National Institute on Aging suggests that approximately 28% of older adults in the country live alone, which increases the risk of loneliness. Senior isolation is linked to several mental health conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, anxiety, and depression. Social interactions provide the required mental stimulation to older adults, reducing their susceptibility to such mental health issues.

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Socialization can reduce the vulnerability to chronic diseases like heart conditions and stroke. It has a significant positive effect on your overall physical health in addition to facilitating mental well-being.

Improves sense of self-esteem

Self-esteem typically develops from the perception of acceptance into social groups. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love, acceptance, and belongingness are integral human social needs, next only to physiological and security needs. These needs are typically fulfilled effortlessly during youth and adulthood; however, older adults often need to go the extra mile to form new social relationships or maintain existing ones. Consequently, the sense of self-esteem previously derived from social groups can diminish with time if these needs are not met. On the bright side, remaining socially active after retirement can help boost self-esteem.

Encourages engagement in meaningful activities

Engaging in meaningful activities as a group increases your motivation levels and facilitates mental stimulation. Often, social interactions can increase your participation in collaborative activities like playing a sport, attending or organizing events, or discussing books and movies, which can help seniors stay mentally alert and enhance their cognitive functioning.

Improves quality of life

Studies have consistently demonstrated that social interactions are associated with improved quality of life among seniors, facilitating healthier and longer lives. Meeting new people and establishing new connections lead to several health benefits at the physical, mental, and emotional levels, which ensures happiness and emotional regulation.

Retirement is a significant milestone in your life, providing you with much-needed rest after a long period of study and work. However, staying physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially active during retirement is essential to prevent loneliness and reduce the risk of health conditions. Today, social media platforms have made it easier to find and interact with friends and social groups for seniors based on shared interests and preferred age, gender, and location, among other such factors.

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