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This Interstellar Actor’s Favorite Skincare Tool Will Shock You

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

This Interstellar Actor’s Favorite Skincare Tool Will Shock You

“My rule is to break one sweat a day.”

Matthew McConaughey really knows how to wear many hats at once. Following a tremendously successful acting journey over decades, the Interstellar actor is now also an author (of his memoir and a children’s book), co-owner of the Major League Soccer team Austin FC, and co-founder of a food and beverage brand. As diverse as his off-screen persona is, his onscreen roles have also seen some incredible transformations.


After all, who can forget how the award-winning actor completely changed himself to play Ron Woodroof in the 2013 movie Dallas Buyers Club? No wonder he got his first Oscar for it! This was followed by his critically acclaimed performance in the HBO crime series True Detective. Then, he stole the show in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street even with a 6–7-minute cameo!

The Magic Mike star went through so many unbelievable changes with his looks and roles that this period began being referred to as “The McConaissance.” Even then, over the years, McConaughey has managed to not look his age. The mystery behind his age-defying looks is a lot of skincare. He told the Red Magazine, “I have things I do besides working out—I’ll steam, I drink lots of water, I have my creams at my vanity…”

But, it seems the real secret behind his youthful appearance is a cleansing brush from a brand called Clarisonic that he had for years. “It’s [Clarisonic] a good tool before events… It takes off that top piece of epidermis, gets rid of the dead skin, tightens up some fine lines, and freshens things,” McConaughey told Marie Claire. So, nearly a decade of consistent use of a cleanser brush has helped the actor maintain his sharp looks even at 54. He has been known to prefer a skincare brand called Jurlique, especially its face wash, calendula cream, night serum, and face oil. The actor once told Yahoo!Life that he loves his skincare products, going on to say, “My sink has a whole lot more facial creams and oils than my wife’s does.”

In recent years, however, McConaughey has started focusing more on staying healthy even though he doesn’t think too much about aging. “I’m not that conscious of aging. I mean, I take care of myself, I want to feel healthy, to look healthy. I’m not saying I’m looking forward to getting all wrinkled, but I mean, those come…But I don’t really think about it,” he told Red Magazine. So, it seems that focusing on staying healthy and maintaining a skincare routine has truly made the actor slow down time, just like he did in Interstellar!

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