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Stay Sharp Like Daniel Craig with These Simple Tips

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 2nd, 2024

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Stay Sharp Like Daniel Craig with These Simple Tips

"As a kid, I kind of spent my life being amazed by being tricked. I love being tricked. I still love it today."

Most people know Daniel Craig as the chiseled actor who played James Bond. He embodied the character from 2006’s Casino Royale to No Time To Die in 2021—five blockbuster movies from a franchise across 15 years! And yet, Craig, who is past his 50s, manages to look as sharp as he did on his first red carpet appearance as Bond all those years ago. So what’s the secret, and can we get in on it?

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Daniel Craig made his film debut in The Power of One (1992). He rose to fame after playing supporting roles in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) and Road to Perdition (2002). His true calling, however, may have come when he was offered the role of 007 in 2006. During this time, Craig embarked on a strict routine and continues to follow some of it up to this date.

Some of the things that Daniel Craig does to stay youthful are simple. For instance, according to sources, the actor indulged in varied and consistent exercises while playing James Bond to stay fit and film-ready. These sessions were not just about hitting the gym but balancing fitness programs with a combination of cardio exercises, flexibility workouts, and activities for agility. Workouts can be quite challenging. So, when asked by Men’s Health about the days when the motivation just isn’t there, Craig said, “Well, that’s every day. Every day I don’t want to [workout]. But you just make yourself do it.” Daniel Craig also changed his meal regime for his role in the Bond franchise. The first step was eliminating all the junk food from his meal regime. Instead, the 007 lead consumed lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and fresh fruits to complement his active lifestyle.


The Knives Out (2019) and Glass Onion (2022) actor further exclaims how it’s equally important to focus on a positive mindset in his fitness journey. Paired with adequate sleep, it has helped him keep his energy levels up. Craig’s mindset is also probably driving his career today, with upcoming roles in Knives Out 3, Queer, and Two For The Money.

One time, on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Craig was asked what his plans were post Bond and if the star planned to “let himself go.” The star joked that if he were to let himself go a bit, it would be by having, “I think Guinness. Just Guinness. Maybe some solids occasionally.”

The Book Bond

Ultimately, his lifestyle regime wasn’t all that bad while shooting for the Bond films. The actor had a cheat day in between shoots. (Phew!). When asked by The Guardian about the chance to have a gorgeously greasy egg, Craig replied, “Yes, for God’s sake, I do eat greasy fried eggs at least once a week.” For sure. They’re my favourite on toast with Worcestershire sauce.” But despite this, the actor still looks as sharp as he did when he first put on the mantle of Bond.

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