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Sandra Oh’s Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Is Just 4 Easy Steps to Copy

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

Sandra Oh’s Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Is Just 4 Easy Steps to Copy

"No creams, no inhalers but from a cellular level, my insides have changed, and it’s reflected on my skin.” 

Sandra Oh became an on-screen regular with Grey’s Anatomy. Since then, her success has only grown multifold with the critically acclaimed Killing Eve. However, this success did not come easily to the actress. She suffered from eczema, allergies, and asthma until her late 30s, which caused inflammation and redness on her skin. But then she found ways to turn it around and slow down the effects of aging. Read on to know how she did it.

1. Acupuncture

Sandra Oh's close up shot

The actress turned to an acupuncturist in her Grey’s Anatomy days to manage her skin conditions. While the results were not immediate, Oh told The New Potato that this practice completely transformed her skin from the inside out. During the TNP interview, she goes on to say, “This was not an overnight thing. I saw her regularly–sometimes twice a week–for two years. After four years, my whole being felt better, from the inside to out. No creams, no inhalers but from a cellular level, my insides have changed, and it’s reflected on my skin.”

2. Double Cleansing

Sandra Oh looking stunning in black dress at red carpet

The other thing Oh swears by when it comes to skincare is sticking with her double-cleansing routine, reports TNP. What is double cleansing, you ask? Simply put, it is the method of washing or cleaning your face twice to remove any stubborn impurities that could make your skin prone to acne. Talking about her nighttime skincare routine, she told the TNP, “I’ll clean off my makeup with Neutrogena eye makeup remover (non-oil) then clean with Clarisonic and a gentle cleanser.”

3. Serums

Once cleaned, the actress also uses serums to address her skin’s concerns. These products are great as they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients, making them more effective in dealing with wrinkles, scars, dark spots, and acne. However, given her skin’s sensitivity, this can be tricky territory to navigate. Her favorites include the iS Clinical range, the iGlow illuminating C serum, the La Mieux hyaluronic acid, Caudalie Resveratrol serum, and glycolic acids.

Sandra Oh’s Go-To Serums

iS Clinical Active Serum

iS Clinical range

iGlow Illuminating C SERUM

iGlow Illuminating C SERUM

The La Mieux Hyaluronic Acid

the La Mieux hyaluronic acid

Caudalie Resveratrol Serum

Caudalie Resveratrol serum

4. Anti-aging

Sandra Oh has always been a proponent of aging naturally. “Aging is the greatest”, she says in an interview with InStyle, where she explains her twofold approach to beauty—mental and physical. While the mental involves being compassionate and practicing self-care, the physical involves using modern tech to slow down the effects of aging on her face.

Sandra Oh Anti Ageing Secrets

To aid with this, her nighttime routine also involves LightStim, a wrinkle-reducing device that uses red, yellow, green, and blue LED lights. It works by sending these lights into the outer layers of the skin to boost elastin and collagen production, helping keep the skin taut. The different colors on this device produce varying frequencies, offering different benefits to the skin, such as reducing wrinkles and acne.

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