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Pierce Brosnan Dishes on Some Ultimate 007 Styling Tips

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

Pierce Brosnan Dishes on Some Ultimate 007 Styling Tips

“Watches, I love watches, I love watches… Watches have always been part of my life.”

Pierce Brosnan, the suave 007 of the 90s, is the Bond who inspired a whole generation with his style and looks. What’s even more amazing is that despite turning 70 last year, the star still commands attention during public events due to his impeccable style sense. The Irish actor rose to popularity after his role in the Bond film series and continues to be recognized for it – so much so that people still take styling tips from the character!

Since his younger days, The November Man star’s eclectic style has made him attractive and admired by many. From leather jackets to bolo ties, Brosnan has had no trouble styling them on him. One of the looks that has worked very well for Brosnan is the mismatched suit he manages to pull off stunningly every time. For the unversed, the mismatched suit is also known as spezzato in the fashion world, which means mixing sets of suit jackets and trousers to create a unique, personal style. 

Pierce Brosnan posing for a picture with an overcoat

Also, might we remind you of the sensational pierced earring of Pierce Brosnan that looked nothing less than glorious? The times he effortlessly paired a leather jacket to show up for public events only invited more appreciation for his diverse and sometimes nonchalant fashion sense. In fact, some may argue that this does not scream 007, but Brosnan found his own style off-screen that matched his personality.

Pierce Brosnan with linen shirt and black pant

In fact, in an interview with GQ, Brosnan also answered questions about styling tips and accessories, without which he feels incomplete! Now, of course, the list includes aspirational items but also some affordable products that any Pierce Brosnan fan could dream of using to get a glimmer of his style. The big ticket items are the Girard-Perregaux watch and Bottega Veneta slippers, but some other favorites include the BIRKENSTOCK Arizona and On’s waterproof running shoes.

He said, “Watches, I love watches, I love watches… Watches have always been part of my life.” in a GQ interview. When he bought the Girard-Perregaux watch, he confessed, “I bought it, I came out of the store, my knees were shaking, how much money I’d just dropped.”

Pierce Brosnan wearing blue suit
Getty Images

If you are looking for styling tips from the Die Another Day star, consider adding linen to the wardrobe, especially during summer. In the warmer months, a neutral shade of linen pants would complement anything you wear on top! Breezy and very comfortable. Tuxedo, of course, is a no-brainer, and investing in the right one is necessary. Yes, it can be expensive, but it also works well during special occasions; therefore, a splurge may be justified. If you’re thinking about how to style in winter, a long overcoat is a must! Think Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies with his brown overcoat. Maybe it’s time to let your chaotic energy flow and build a mood board to follow some Brosnan-inspired looks! 

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