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Michelle WOW! 61 Year Old Oscar Winner Shares Skincare Secrets to Her Dazzling Youthfulness!

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

Michelle WOW! 61 Year Old Oscar Winner Shares Skincare Secrets to Her Dazzling Youthfulness!

“Always be who you are; be true to yourself.”

Michelle Yeoh is a highly gifted actress known for her impressive filmography and iconic roles that place her among the acting greats of her generation. Although the actress might have only recently won her first Oscar, her remarkable work over the decades has made her a star. The Everything Everywhere All at Once star is renowned for her silken smooth skin, luminous complexion, and dazzling youthfulness. Read on to discover the secrets to her stunning looks.

Michelle Yeoh stunning look on red carpet

In an interview, the star revealed that she follows a 10-minute makeup routine to maintain her vibrant and youthful appearance. She combines this with her skincare squats and an all-around radiant lifestyle. Yeoh recommends doing some stretching and kicking right after waking up to gain maximum benefits from the exercise. Moreover, her morning routine also includes a cooling eye massage to relax the face. The Tomorrow Never Dies actress further states that drinking plenty of water is essential to having healthy skin. She says it is like setting up a beautiful canvas for makeup application.

Michelle Yeoh with Oscar award
Getty Images

Yeoh has revealed that her skincare routine is inspired by her mother. According to her, her mother used to do “martial arts” on her face, which has kept her looking as radiant as ever, even in her ripe old age. “She’s 83 and she looks stunning,” Yeoh was quoted telling Vogue Magazine. Further, in the same interview, while talking about how she maintains her eyebrows, the actress said, “One thing my mom always taught me was, don’t let anybody pluck your eyebrows.”

Michelle Yeoh with Tai Chi pose

As stated earlier, Yeoh’s makeup routine is pretty simple and usually ends in about 10 minutes. While she attributes this quick routine to her laziness, her routine is a good advert for people who like minimalism in their daily makeup and skincare routine.

Michelle Yeoh on yacht

Besides her minimal makeup and exercise routine, Michelle Yeoh closely monitors her meal plans and eliminates unhealthy elements from her daily meals to keep herself healthy and fit. The renowned actress does not consume any sugar-heavy foods. Nevertheless, she occasionally indulges in dishes like curry laksa, cheesecake, and some beverages.

Michelle Yeoh with off shoulder dress

Giving a piece of advice to her followers, the actress in her Vogue interview said, “Always be who you are; be true to yourself.” Emphasizing this further, she added, You can’t hide. Eventually, who you are will always come shining through. The most important thing for me is to be able to find and fine-tune, a nicer me—a kinder me.”

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