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Dune Star Javier Bardem Opens Up About His Simple Self-Care Routine

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

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Dune Star Javier Bardem Opens Up About His Simple Self-Care Routine

"I truly don't have any formula for the choices I make."

Staying fit and radiant takes work as one grows older. But for Javier Bardem, it seems like a piece of cake. With stints in acting since 1974, the actor eventually gained fame with his roles in films like The Sea Inside, No Country for Old Men, and Skyfall. Through it all, the actor looks as fine as ever, leaving fans curious about his secret. Here are some insights to help clear the air around his youthful appearance.

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Most Bardem fans know that the actor looked chiseled in his younger days. But it’s tough to comprehend how the actor maintains his youthfulness even in his 50s. Bardem has recently played a prominent role in the Dune franchise as Stilgar. So, his secret to a younger glow should be “The Spice,” right? Jokes aside, according to sources, it may simply come down to maintaining a healthy daily routine.

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His journey to being active comes down to him doing his best to relax in his free time. In an interview with Askmen, Bardem was asked what he would do with a free day to himself. He replied, “Make myself busy, I guess [laughs]. I can’t help it. It’s like, freedom is very [laughs]… you have to be very wise to deal with total freedom. We usually tend to lock ourselves in many other things, most of them unnecessarily. So I guess what I tend to do is to keep myself busy and what I have to remind myself is to know that it’s fine to not do anything for one day. Actually, it is good.” To the same question, he added, “It’s impossible. I end up doing something with my hands, or I end up putting my attention into something else. If you are really freeing your mind, that’s when the good ideas are going to come and visit you. But it’s not an easy state to reach.”


In another interview with RSNG, Bardem expressed his view on getting older. He said, “It is a regimented way of appraising a life, but it keeps me fresh and I feel it empowers me in two ways – firstly I can appreciate what I have done; and secondly it keeps me feeling young. Getting older is something a lot of people my age think about and I don’t think it is particularly helpful.

The Guradian

Even his morning routine is as simple as ever. He brushes his teeth and splashes cold water on his face, which takes him around 5 minutes. He then gets dressed and addresses the agenda for the day. We think this could include shoots for his upcoming movies, Spellbound and Bride of Frankenstein.

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