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Can You Believe Lucy Liu Does THIS for Her Skincare Routine?

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 2nd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

Can You Believe Lucy Liu Does THIS for Her Skincare Routine?

People admire Lucy Liu not only for her acting performances but also for her grace and beauty. It’s been over 20 years since Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels were released, but seeing Lucy, it’s hard to accept that it has been that long. She still looks so young that you just wouldn’t believe she’s 55! The main reason for her radiant glow might lie in the skincare routine she follows.

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Lucy Liu is among the most adored actors in both the film and television worlds. She has even directed a few TV shows, including certain episodes of Elementary, where she starred as one of the leads. And despite her age, Lucy is unstoppable. She continues to amaze her fans with her power-packed performances and beauty. Just a year ago, she starred in another action film called Shazam! Fury of the Gods and will also be seen in upcoming action movies.

Lucy has a very active presence and fan following on social media. She often posts pictures and videos of herself attending promotional events and shoots. And looking at her youthful appearance, people never fail to express their amazement and admiration in the comments section.

But what’s the secret behind her ageless beauty and ever-flawless skin?

Many have asked Lucy how she maintains her looks, and her answers will amaze you. A few years back, the actor said she had minimized her skincare routine. While she used to try out a lot of different things earlier, she switched to using only coconut oil and Avène cream on her face before sleeping at night. Lucy also makes it a point to apply sunscreen when stepping out during the day. A few years back, in an interview with Future Of Personal Health, she said, “I have to be very rigorous about reapplying sunscreen and wearing a hat and handkerchief around my neck and chest.”

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The Ally McBeal actor also said she uses moisturizer in winter or when her skin feels a little dry. In an interview with New York Magazine, she mentioned that the moisturizer she prefers is Aquaphor. She even emphasized the importance of drinking enough water to keep her skin healthy.

Getty Images

But sun protection, moisturization, and hydration aren’t Lucy’s only skincare hacks. The actor revealed that she uses just water and no soap to wash her face on days when she doesn’t wear makeup. Lucy also never gets facials because she believes they damage the skin. Many get such treatments to look younger, but the actor believes these don’t work for her. In an interview with CNN, she said, “I think they [facials] damage your skin. People are getting peels and dermabrasion, and anything with the word ‘abrasion’ doesn’t work for me.”

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