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By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 14th, 2024

Meet Norma Floyd, 88-Year-Old Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother says “I love life, and I want to live”

Meet Norma, a remarkable senior sharing wisdom on life's journey. She navigates financial challenges, stays creative, and embraces technology. Norma's story inspires resilience and living fully. Tune in for insights into her extraordinary life.

Meet Norma Floyd, an inspiring 88-year-old woman with a story that touches the heart. Born in New Mexico and later making Texas her home, Norma has experienced a lifetime of changes and challenges. She loves life deeply and faces every day with joy and enthusiasm. In this blog post, we explore Norma’s journey through her early years, family life, embracing technology, and enjoying retirement.

Life Lessons from Norma Floyd

  • Embracing Change with Open Arms: Norma’s move from New Mexico to Texas taught her the value of adapting to new environments and seizing new opportunities. Accepting change with a positive attitude can lead to personal growth and new beginnings.
  • Cherish Relationships: Norma’s enduring love story and strong family bonds highlight the importance of nurturing relationships. Keeping connections strong through communication and shared experiences enriches life significantly.
  • Never Stop Learning: Norma’s continuous engagement with technology and new hobbies underscores the importance of lifelong learning. Keeping the mind active and embracing new skills can enhance life quality, especially in later years.
  • Active Body, Active Mind: Norma’s daily routine of physical activities and hobbies illustrates the benefits of staying active. Physical and mental engagement contributes to overall well-being and helps maintain independence as one age.
  • Find Joy in Everyday Moments: Norma finds happiness in simple daily activities, whether it’s gardening, playing the piano, or just making her bed. Appreciating the small moments can lead to a more fulfilled and joyful life.
  • Give Back to the Community: Norma’s volunteering efforts show the fulfillment that comes from contributing to the community. Engaging in community service can provide a sense of purpose and connection to others.
  • Maintain a Positive Outlook: Throughout her life, Norma has maintained a positive outlook, even in challenging times. A positive attitude can help navigate life’s ups and downs more smoothly and lead to a more satisfying life.

“Every Moment Counts”: Norma Floyd on Making the Most of Life at 88

From New Mexico Roots to Texas Tales

Norma was born into a family of carpenters in New Mexico, where she spent her childhood surrounded by the beauty of the Southwest. “I was a New Mexico girl through and through until I was twelve,” Norma recalls. Her father, a skilled carpenter, decided to move the family to Texas after World War II for better job opportunities. This move was a significant change for young Norma but it brought new opportunities that shaped her future.

“The move to Texas opened up a whole new world for me. It was hard to leave my friends behind, but I soon realized how much more there was to learn and see,” Norma shares. The decision to relocate was driven by her father’s ambition to start his own business, a dream that would not only shape his life but also set a foundation for Norma’s values of hard work and resilience.

Reflecting on her childhood, Norma appreciates how her early experiences influenced her outlook on life. “Growing up, I watched my father build things from scratch, turning simple materials into something useful. It taught me the importance of building a life with your own hands and finding joy in the work you do,” she explains. These lessons from her early years in New Mexico and the transition to Texas helped forge Norma’s strong character and her approach to life’s challenges and adventures.

Meeting Jeff and the Power of Love

Norma met her husband Jeff on a camping trip in the mountains of New Mexico, a chance encounter that turned into a lifelong partnership. “I saw Jeff across a campfire. He had a warm smile that felt familiar and safe,” Norma reminisces. Their connection was instant, but maintaining a relationship was challenging as both were in college and lived far apart.

“We wrote letters to each other all the time. Each letter was a little piece of our hearts, keeping us connected,” Norma explains. Their love grew through words on paper until they couldn’t stand being apart any longer. “We realized life is too short to spend it apart, so we decided to marry while still in school,” she adds. Marrying young and juggling academic responsibilities tested their relationship, but it also cemented their commitment to each other.

Norma and Jeff faced many challenges, including financial strains and balancing school with marriage. “We learned to support each other through every test and trial. That’s what love is all about,” says Norma.

Raising a Family

Motherhood was a role that Norma embraced wholeheartedly. She and Jeff had six children, each bringing new joys and challenges into their lives. “Watching each child grow, discover their passions, and find their paths was the most rewarding part of my life,” she shares.

Norma’s approach to parenting was grounded in love, patience, and the lessons she learned from her own parents. “I always tried to teach my kids the value of hard work and the importance of kindness,” she states. Norma believes that being present and involved in her children’s lives helped shape them into responsible and caring adults.

“Being a mother taught me so much about myself and the world. It’s about guiding them but also giving them the freedom to make their own mistakes and learn from them,” Norma reflects. Her philosophy on parenting focuses on nurturing independence while providing a safety net of unconditional love and support.

Career and Education

Norma attended the University of Corpus Christi where she began her higher education journey. “College was an eye-opener for me. It was my first step into a larger world where I learned not just about books, but about life,” she recalls. Her studies were not just about gaining knowledge; they were crucial in shaping her confidence and broadening her perspectives.

After college, Norma made several key career moves. She worked in various roles that allowed her to balance her responsibilities as a mother with her professional ambitions. “I worked in administration for a while. It was challenging to juggle work and family, but I learned to prioritize and make the most of my time,” she explains.

One of Norma’s significant professional achievements was when she led a community project that involved coordinating with different organizations. “It was tough, but seeing the project come to life was incredibly rewarding,” she proudly shares. Despite the challenges, such as managing tight schedules and meeting various stakeholders’ expectations, Norma’s determination and organizational skills led her to success.

Adventures in Retirement: Volunteering and Hobbies

Retirement opened a new chapter for Norma, filled with opportunities for personal growth and community engagement. “Retiring meant I could choose what I wanted to do each day. It was liberating,” Norma says. She embraced this new phase of life with enthusiasm, exploring interests she had previously set aside.

Norma became a volunteer at her local community theater, a role that combined her love for the arts with her desire to contribute to her community. “Working at the theater is one of the joys of my retirement. I help make costumes and set up scenes,” she describes. This experience not only allowed her to use her creative skills but also to connect with people of all ages.

Her hobbies also play a significant role in her life. Norma spends time sewing, gardening, and playing the piano—activities that bring her immense joy and satisfaction. “I love sewing because it’s both creative and practical. Gardening helps me relax and enjoy nature, and playing the piano is my escape into the world of music,” she elaborates. These hobbies are not just pastimes; they are essential components of her well-being and happiness in retirement.

Embracing Technology in Later Years

Norma has embraced technology enthusiastically, recognizing its benefits in staying connected with her family and ensuring her safety. “I use my smartphone and smartwatch every day. They help me keep in touch with my kids and even monitor my health,” Norma explains. These devices are crucial for her, especially when she needs quick assistance or wants to share moments with her family.

One specific technology that has been a lifesaver for Norma is her emergency alert system on her smartwatch. “Once I had a fall, and my watch automatically alerted emergency services and my family. It was so comforting to know that help was on the way,” she recounts. Norma also enjoys learning to use new apps and devices, finding them more helpful than daunting. “Learning new technology keeps my mind sharp. It’s never too late to learn something new,” she adds with a smile.

Daily Routine and Lifestyle

Norma’s typical day is structured yet flexible, allowing her to enjoy her activities while maintaining her health. “I start my day by making my bed—it sets the tone for a tidy and organized day,” she says. Breakfast is next, often accompanied by reading the newspaper or solving a puzzle to kickstart her brain.

Physical activity is a significant part of her routine. “I take a walk every morning, weather permitting. It keeps me fit and clears my mind,” she notes. Gardening is another activity that not only helps her stay active but also brings her joy as she tends to her plants.

Norma believes strongly in the power of routine and staying active for maintaining both mental and physical health. “Keeping a routine helps me manage my time better, and staying active keeps me healthy and happy,” she states. Her daily activities are carefully chosen to include physical exercise, mental challenges, and hobbies that enhance her wellbeing.

Philosophy on Life and Aging

Norma’s outlook on life is refreshingly positive. “Life is what you make it, and aging is just another part of the journey,” she asserts. Her philosophy revolves around maintaining a positive attitude, which she believes is key to enjoying life at any age. “Every day is a gift, and finding joy in the small things makes each day special,” Norma explains. Whether it’s a phone call with a grandchild or a new bloom in her garden, she finds happiness in everyday moments.

Norma encourages others to embrace life with a similar enthusiasm. “Stay curious, keep learning, and don’t be afraid to try new things. The more you engage with the world, the more it has to offer you,” she advises. This outlook has not only enriched her own life but also inspires those around her to live more fully.

Looking Ahead: Plans and Dreams

Looking to the future, Norma remains ambitious and forward-thinking. “I have plenty of plans. Age is no barrier to dreaming,” she states confidently. One of her upcoming projects is a community garden initiative, where she hopes to teach local children about gardening and healthy eating. “I’m excited to share my love of gardening with the next generation. It’s a passion project that’s close to my heart,” she shares.

Norma views the future with optimism and preparation. “I plan for the future but live in the moment. That balance keeps me ready for whatever comes next,” she explains. Her proactive approach ensures that she remains vibrant and active, continuing to pursue new interests and contribute to her community.

By embracing the present and looking forward to the future, Norma exemplifies how a positive outlook and active engagement can make the later years of life fulfilling and joyful.

Final Thoughts

Norma Floyd’s life story offers valuable insights and lessons on embracing each stage of life with grace and enthusiasm. From her early days in New Mexico to her active retirement filled with hobbies and volunteering, Norma has shown that life can be rich and fulfilling at any age.

Norma’s final thoughts on living a meaningful life emphasize the importance of staying positive and active. “Love your life, cherish the time with your loved ones, and never stop learning and doing,” she advises. These simple yet powerful words encapsulate her approach to aging with dignity and joy.

Norma’s journey has had a profound impact on others, inspiring both young and old to view aging not as a decline but as an opportunity for growth and rediscovery. Her story encourages everyone to find joy in daily activities and to maintain a hopeful outlook for the future, making the most of every moment given.

Editor’s Note: Norma Floyd’s life is a beautiful example of how to live passionately and embrace every moment. Her stories from her childhood to her active senior years remind us to cherish our families, explore our interests, and never stop growing. Norma’s life encourages everyone to find joy in the every day and to always remain curious and engaged.

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