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Understanding the basics of replacement windows

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on April 2nd, 2024


Understanding the basics of replacement windows

Replacement windows are a useful investment for homeowners who want to take the curb appeal of their home a notch higher. New windows look good and make the home less drafty, quieter, and more energy efficient, especially if the older windows have started to wear out. Besides, the newer types of windows are far easier to maintain and clean. For those thinking about installing replacement windows, here are some basics about installation, costs, and styles.

Earlier, replacement windows were available in standard thick white synthetic frames. Over the years, manufacturers have started making windows in various styles. Some of them have been more popular among homeowners, such as:

Awning windows

Source: Hawkeye Window and Doors

For those living in areas that experience frequent stormy weather, awning windows can be useful. These tilt outwards through hinges attached to the frame and open from the bottom part. So, the window has an awning-like look when opened. Thus, the window can be opened even when it rains since the incredible design prevents rain from getting in.

Bay windows

Source: The Home Depot

Bay windows extend outward from the house. They have a fixed central window and angled vent windows on both sides.

Bow windows

Source: Andersen Windows & Doors

Similar to bay windows, bow windows extend outwards. The only difference is that, like the bay windows, these have four joined windows instead of three.

Casement windows

Source: Andersen Windows & Doors

If ventilation and airflow are top priority, casement windows can be the right fit. These swing open completely through hinges on the side, similar to how doors work. Also, these are flexible enough to be opened at 90 degrees to have an angled view of the outside.

Double-hung windows

Source: Andersen Windows & Doors

Double-hung windows are another excellent option for maximum airflow and ventilation. These have two sashes, which can be used to open up the windows.

Garden windows

Source: Champion Window

When looking for replacement windows with energy efficiency capability, garden windows are the right fit. These have four panes of energy-efficient glass that let in much light. Thus, these can make the home the perfect “garden” for any houseplants that need plenty of sunlight.

Hopper windows

Source: Champion Windows

Featuring a single pane of glass attached to hinges at the bottom, hopper windows are usually installed in stuffy rooms. This is because these windows are known to improve ventilation and airflow by a great deal.

Picture windows

Source: Andersen Windows & Doors

Picture windows are worth considering for those looking for windows that give a clear view of the outside but do not open. They come in several sizes, making them suitable for home, office, or any other establishment.

Sliding windows

Source: Andersen Windows & Doors

These have two sashes. One of the sashes is fixed, while the other is used to slide horizontally to open the windows. These are perfect for providing an unobstructed outside view and good ventilation, excellent airflow, and a great view.


Whether going for picture windows or standard awning style, replacing windows is often a significant investment. Here are some key insights about the costs:

  • While the overall fee may change depending on the brands and types of windows to be replaced, the average cost may be between $550 and $10,500.
  • The wide range of costs mainly depends on whether a single window is being replaced or multiple ones.
  • Usually, a standard home with multiple windows needs a budget of at least $7,500 for replacing windows.
  • Moreover, the overall costs include those charged by professionals involved in the installation. This can start from around $100 to $300 per window.

It is important to remember that the actual cost is always based on where the house is located (since costs can change from state to state or city to city), the materials used for the windows, window styles, and size.


A professional should be tasked with installing replacement windows. Here are a few reasons why:

  • This is because they have all the necessary expertise, knowledge, and tools to ensure that the insulation is done correctly.
  • Moreover, they better understand the various safety codes and precautions that must be taken when fixing up the widows.
  • For example, a professional replacement window technician will know what type of glass would work best in the bathroom. They could suggest something like tempered glass since it is safer and breaks into dull pieces instead of hazardous crystal shards.
  • Similarly, the technician will know if the basement or bedroom windows meet Egress requirements. Such windows are functional and provide an easy way to quickly escape a room in emergencies, like a house fire. Therefore, instead of going DIY, always hire a professional to install them for the best results.
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