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A closer Look At How To Replace Garage Door Panels

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on April 2nd, 2024


A closer Look At How To Replace Garage Door Panels

Door panels give garages a well-rounded appearance. These panels are important for strengthening the foundations of the garage doors. Like other components of a house, these wear out over time and need replacing. Some prefer to carry out a DIY job of replacing them, while others may hire professional contractors to carry out the task for them. Here are certain details about garage door panel replacement, styles, and some tips:


Different panels are available in several patterns and styles, some of which are listed below. You can select a style based on specific requirements.


Traditional Garage Door
Source: wayne-dalton

These are undoubtedly the most popular and used styles across most homes. Their visually pleasing symmetry gives the doors an elegant and understated look. These panels come in many colors. Additionally, in terms of garage door panel insulation, these panels work efficiently, too. Moreover, traditional panels make coordinating specific design elements in garages and homes easier.


Raised Garage Door
Source: C.H.I

These panels are slightly raised to give them a more elevated and imposing appearance. Due to their structure, these doors are straightforward to clean and maintain. These panels can be built from different materials, including plastic, wood, and aluminum. Most contractors advise their clients to use aluminum-constructed panels, which are accessible and easy to paint. The raised nature of these panels is also used commonly and extensively across homes in the country.


Contemporary Raised Door
Source: Ideal Door

Contemporary panels complement most modern-day homes and garages with more visible design elements. They can be purchased to align their design with any exterior. Also, these panels are incredibly sturdy, so homeowners will not need to consider replacement expenses.

Owners can purchase these panels in glass, metal, or wood, depending on their requirements. The design and material chosen amalgamate a traditional outlook with a unique, postmodern design language.
Other garage door panel styles include carriage and glass-style panels. The design and style are chosen based on how well they complement the door and home.

Tips to remember when replacing garage doors

Some of the proven ideas and tricks to make the replacement a breeze and new panels last for years are:

  • Taking measurements accurately at every step
  • Removing tension springs
  • Removing the panels cleanly without damaging surrounding surfaces
  • Leveling the door during the replacement
  • Painting panels only after installing them
  • Using rollers and tracks with oiling to make their working mechanism smoother.

These tips will help you finish the job quickly and eliminate as many mistakes as possible.

Replacement process

The systematic process of replacing garage door panels goes like this:

Ensuring safety

Safety needs to be the biggest priority before, during, and after the replacement process. The idea is to secure the doors in a way that eliminates any forces that may act on the panel being replaced later. One must use a come-along (a handheld, gear-based tool that compresses multiple objects together and prevents them from falling apart) while replacing panels. One must attach and pull the emergency release cord to disconnect the opener from the garage door.

Before installing the panels, one needs to lift the door by a few inches off the ground to create the space where the new panel will be put in. One must screw every nail and panel tightly enough so that they do not come apart in the future. The safety of individuals and vehicles greatly depends on this aspect.

Clamping tracks

After making the entire setup as safe as possible, one can clamp tracks using locking pliers. One must install a track below the roller, and the second must be installed just above the roller on the second section using the locking pliers. Doing so takes the weight off the bottom section and makes installing the panel easier.

Removing the bottom panel and installing a new one

With the requisite space for installing the doors on the tracks, one must remove the existing, worn-out panels and place new ones in the slots. One must also use cables and other equipment to ensure the bottom panel does not fall while being placed carefully on the garage door sill.

Painting the panel

After installing the panel and smoothing the transitions between it and the doors, paint the panels to make them look uniform. Since the panels are new, the color may not match the garage door, which may be exposed to heat and moisture. Repainting it will give it a uniform appearance and color.

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