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No Way! Kate Beckinsale’s Pristine Skin Secrets Will Blow Your Mind!

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

Beauty & Fashion

No Way! Kate Beckinsale’s Pristine Skin Secrets Will Blow Your Mind!

"If I ever have sex with someone I might be able to develop a sense of humor."

Kate Beckinsale is a Hollywood icon known for her relatable roles and incredible poise and grace. Unlike many other actresses, the Nothing But The Truth star maintains her youthful look with a simple, low-key beauty routine. Although the actress is a pro at red-carpet glam, she has a rather simplistic approach to daily beauty and skincare routines. Even after decades in the film industry, the actress never seems to lose her charisma.

Beckinsale, in recent years, revealed that she did not even have a skincare routine until she was in her late thirties and early forties. The actress attributes her great skin and pristine complexion to her good genes, particularly her mother’s beautiful skin. “I’m really lucky, my mum’s got really good skin,” she told People magazine. She avoids exposure to sunlight as much as possible to maintain her skin’s texture.

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The actress also uses SPF 70 sunscreen to protect her skin from the sun’s rays. Wearing sunscreen, even when the weather is cloudy outside, is a must for people looking to protect their skin in today’s extremely hot climate. By keeping her skin safe from solar radiation, Beckinsale keeps adding more years to her skin texture.

Cleanliness is also a major contributor to Beckinsale’s impeccable skin. “I literally cannot transition from day to night unless I have submerged myself in water,” she told the People magazine. Bathing is a non-negotiable for the actress as it helps maintain the crystal-clear appearance of her skin. Essentially, skin hydration, and hydration in general, are essential to Beckinsale’s radiant skin and overall persona.

Besides taking care of her skin, a nutritious meal plan is also central to Beckinsale looking as radiant as ever, even at 50. “I was a vegetarian for a really long time because I am incredibly squeamish about meat,” Beckinsale told Shape in a cover interview. “But when I was filming Pearl Harbor, I didn’t have enough energy, and the trainer I was working with at the time said ‘You’ve got to start eating chicken and fish.’ So I did, and that helped me.” She added.

Working out is also a major part of Beckinsale’s healthy living and breathing philosophy. “Now exercise is almost more important to me mood-wise,” she told Women’s Health during a 2019 cover interview. “I’m very connected to my body, so if I’m going to experience stress, I’m probably going to experience it physically.” She continued. “So it’s usually a good idea for me to go do something physical to get rid of it. I kind of have to think of myself as a horse or something – time for a run around the paddock.” The actress added.

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