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Everyday Jewelry for Senior Women – A Definitive Guide

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on February 14th, 2024


Everyday Jewelry for Senior Women – A Definitive Guide

Jewelry has the indubitable ability to bring out your best features and complete a look. Wearing a dainty necklace, statement hoops, or stacked rings can provide subtle touches that tie an outfit together. If you are wondering which jewelry to invest in or how to style the pieces you already have, dig through our treasure trove of everyday jewelry recommendations for senior women. These everyday essentials pair well with nearly anything and are easy to maintain.

Everyday Jewelry Pieces and Accessories Perfect for Senior Women

Check out these tried-and-true jewels and accessories that will instantly zhuzh up your outfit:



A brooch makes for a simple yet elegant accessory to embellish your outfit. The best part is that you can fasten it to almost any clothing, from coats, jackets, and shirts to sweaters. In fact, you can also wear it as a hair accessory. Brooches come in various types: bar pin, pendant, floral, enamel, and foliate. A brooch can instantly elevate a basic ensemble, enhancing its appeal without taking away from its simplicity. So, it can be equally appealing over a blazer if you are attending a business event or on a basic linen dress on your trip to the farmer’s market.

While we are all for studded and metallic brooches, you can also spruce up your outfit with crochet or beaded brooches. If you are tired of the conventional brooch styles and want to try something different, ditch the belt you would wear over a dress, gather the excess fabric at the waist, and secure it with a brooch for a cinched look.

Long necklaces

Long necklaces

Typically, opting for longer necklaces instead of chokers can help you draw attention away from the wrinkles on your neck. Long necklaces complement all types of open-neck and close-neck clothing, including dresses, t-shirts, or tank tops. Long necklaces are classified into different types based on their length. For example, a matinee necklace is 20–25 inches long, has a pendant, and reaches below the collarbone. It is ideal if you are looking for moderately long necklaces for everyday wear over casual tees and tops.

You can also go for necklaces longer than the matinee. These are the opera-style and lariat-design necklaces, which fall below the chest and belly button, respectively. They are older ladies’ best everyday jewelry choices, as they are convenient for daily activities. They don’t fall too close to the neckline and look great on floral dresses and sweaters paired with trousers. Here’s a tip: layer your top with a jacket to draw attention to the necklace; layers and long necklaces make you look taller and slimmer.


Rings are severely underrated, especially as accessories to elevate your outfit. These understated jewelry pieces can add a spark to your “outfit of the day,” as the kids call it, if you know how to style them. Everyday rings come in various shapes and designs, from mood, cocktail, and signet rings to stackable rings. The best part about them is that they don’t seem out of place with any ensemble or for any occasion. In fact, if you feel like ditching your dainty, layered necklaces on a hot summer’s day and still want to wear some jewels to look put together, go for statement or stackable rings.

That said, the kind of rings you choose to wear with an outfit can make or break a look. For example, if you wear a muted, warm-toned outfit and pair it with a chunky silver ring embossed with blue howlite, the ring will look off and ruin your outfit. Instead, you can pick those that are of a subtle green shade, such as olive green and fern green, or a shade of brown, such as amber or maple. You can also wear rings based on your undertones. Red, purple, and blue stones go well with cool undertones, whereas vibrant colors like yellow, green, and orange go well with warmer skin tones. Here are a few more ideas: you can match your rings with your necklaces, wear a chunky cocktail ring that matches your outfit, mix metals, or stack your rings.


In a survey, 30% of women admitted that they would like to receive bracelets as gifts. They are preferred ornaments for daily use, as they suit all outfits and are available in different patterns and colors. Bangle, tennis, and link bracelets are a few types you can pick from based on the occasion, your preferences, and your ensemble for the day. The key is to measure your wrist size before purchasing one. A bracelet that hangs too loosely can slip off your wrist, while a tight bracelet can be rather uncomfortable and can prevent blood circulation. It is ideal to purchase one three-quarters of an inch larger than your wrist size.

Now that you know how to buy the right size, here’s how to style a bracelet. For an unconventional twist, go for customized bracelets with your name, initials, or a design of your choice. Like other jewelry pieces, matching the metals to your skin tone is essential to selecting a bracelet. White gold and platinum look better on cooler skin tones, and warm skin tones look great with yellow gold. That said, they also look stunning when accessorized with less common jewelry metals like brass and copper. If you have a cool skin tone, go for purple, red, or blue-colored stones, and if you have a warm skin tone, opt for green, yellow, and orange stones. As with rings, you can stack them, experiment with mixing metals, or wear a statement piece like a tennis bracelet. You can also pair them with a metal watch.

Hair clips

Hair clips

Different hair clips serve distinct purposes; hence, there are certain types of hair clips, like bobby pins, claw clips, banana clips, butterfly clips, and pearl hair clips, that all women should own. You can experiment with different hair clips and discover a hairstyle you find most appealing and comfortable. For example, senior women with short or medium hair can try the symmetrical hairstyle. To achieve this look, part your hair right in the middle, smooth it back on one side, fasten it with a clip, and repeat the process on the other side. You can also let your hair loose or tie it into a ponytail or bun. Fasten your ponytail with a stylish claw clip to achieve a fashionable and effortless everyday look. This works well on medium-to-long hair. If you are meeting up with friends or going out on a date, try the bobby pin crown hairstyle: fasten multiple bobby pins to create an elegant crown of sorts.

Heirloom jewelry

Heirloom jewelry is best defined as jewelry passed down across generations. Whether it is your grandma’s engagement ring or your mother’s elegant stud earrings, any piece of jewelry you have received from your ancestors is classified as heirloom jewelry. Thus, its worth is not determined as much by its material, size, or shape as by its sentimental value for the possessor. While many individuals prefer to tuck away their heirloom jewelry in their lockers, wearing these pieces for certain occasions or daily use can elevate your look while ensuring they are used and loved.

Moreover, if you plan to pass on these jewelry pieces to your future generation, you can set a precedent by wearing them on the right occasions. The key is to understand when and what type of heirloom jewelry should be worn. For example, an exquisite pearl necklace or a classic engagement ring is better suited for a wedding, anniversary, or date night; these jewelry pieces do not lend themselves to daily use. In contrast, simple stud earrings or pendant chains suit most outfits and are ideal everyday jewelry items you don’t even need to take off frequently.


Earrings are easily the most popular type of jewelry, given the sheer variety available and their versatility. Moreover, since earrings are worn close to the face, they have the power to bring out our best features. Here are a few types of earrings that should be a part of older ladies’ jewelry boxes:

Short drop earrings

These chic dangle earrings typically come with rhinestones or gems suspended from the base studs. Short drop earrings are suspended only about half an inch from the earlobe, while longer ones can reach your shoulders or forearms. Short drop earrings are popular choices among senior women for casual events or an understated yet elegant look. Moreover, you can pair them with different types of outfits, from ethnic wear to basic tees and trousers. Drop earrings, which are between 4cm and 6 cm long, are ideal for everyday use and casual wear. If you are up for slightly longer drop earrings, you can opt for drop earrings between 7 cm and 9 cm long; these will reach halfway down the neck.

Huggie earrings

These earrings are perfect if you admire the elegance of hoop earrings but not their size. Huggie earrings are essentially miniature versions of hoop earrings that encircle the earlobes. A pair of silver- or gold-plated huggie earrings can elevate your casual look and subtly enhance your facial features without appearing over the top. If you want to wear them for weddings or parties, go for diamond- or pearl-studded ones.

Cocktail earrings

Cocktail earrings are jewelry pieces made of non-precious materials, such as glass or plastic. They are ideal for senior women, as they are often lightweight and easy to maintain. They are an absolute must-have. Cocktail earrings are a bit of an oxymoron; they are as understated as they are maximalist and as versatile as statement-making. If you want to add some flair to your linen dress or a simple blouse and trousers outfit, cocktail earrings are the accessory fix you need.

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are go-to everyday earrings for most women, given how dainty and small they are. That doesn’t mean they are boring and unfashionable. For instance, diamond or gemstone studs can take any basic outfit to the next level. And what’s more, they work for all face shapes. In fact, studs allow you to transition from a day to a night look easily. All you have to do is add detachable chains or ear jackets to them. You can also ditch other jewels and opt for chunky studs.

Studs are perfect for senior women as they can be worn for extended periods without causing ear infections or discomfort. While nothing beats the exuberance of exquisite diamond, pearl, gold, or silver studs, you can go for artificial stud earrings.

While there is no thumb rule on the type of jewelry senior women should avoid, classic accessories can add a subtle charm to an ensemble and overall getup. Everyday jewelry is all about finding grandeur in simplicity and charm in subtlety. Moreover, longer, heavier jewelry can cause infections and discomfort and can be rough on the skin. Hence, senior women should steer clear of such jewelry pieces for everyday wear.

If you are planning to add a few new pieces to your jewelry collection, ensure that you try them on and see whether they complement your undertone. It helps to buy versatile pieces that you can get more use out of. Buy your jewelry from trusted brands, as they usually offer a product warranty. Above all, experiment with your looks and mix and match different jewelry pieces for a cohesive look.

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