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At 74, Bruce Springsteen Reveals the Everyday Habits Fueling His Enduring Energy

Reviewed By Celina Bravo, Editor

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024

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At 74, Bruce Springsteen Reveals the Everyday Habits Fueling His Enduring Energy

“The biggest thing is diet, diet, diet."

With his voice that sweeps us off our feet and exceptional command over the guitar, Bruce Springsteen has been “the Boss” of heartland rock for six decades now. But what astounds us even more is how he has managed to stay in shape at the age of 74. So, if you’re one of those who swoon to a Bruce Springsteen number in the shower, then stay tuned to find out about this septuagenarian’s health secret.

Bruce Springsteen's stage performance with a beautiful lady
Getty Images

Springsteen began his career in the 1960s and pioneered heartland rock, a genre that tactfully integrates mainstream rock with lyrics that awaken social consciousness, particularly regarding working-class issues and sensibilities. Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, Born to Run, The Rising, and Devils & Dust are just some of his chartbuster albums— the list goes on.

Bruce Springsteen performing in London with a senior women

In the recent past, the rockstar of Darkness on the Edge of Town fame has been in the news for his battle with peptic ulcer disease and his steady recovery from the condition. While his ardent fans prayed earnestly for him to get back on his feet, we have to admit we weren’t ready for what we saw next!

Bruce Springsteen kissing his band artist on stage
Getty Images

Talking about his apprehensions during his recuperative period, Springsteen confessed to SiriusXM’s E Street Radio host Jim Rotolo, “You know, I can’t do it, and it took a while for the doctors to say, ‘Oh no. You’re gonna be OK.’” Nevertheless, at 74, the Boss not only overcame his health issues but is also fit as a fiddle. In fact, he has returned to the stage with a bang, astounding his Arizona fan following in debonair dark jeans and a rolled-up red flannel shirt, with the energy of a man in his heydays. Springsteen has currently embarked on his ambitious world tour slated to cover 17 countries.

Bruce Springsteen along with ex US President Obama
Getty Images

So, what is Springsteen’s health secret that has brought him back on stage with such aplomb? In an interview with fellow musician and buddy Tim McGraw for Apple Music, Springsteen revealed, “The biggest thing is diet, diet, diet. I don’t eat too much, and I don’t eat bad food, except for every once in a while when I want to have some fun for myself.” The rockstar has plenty of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. He also has either only one meal a day or several small meals throughout the day.

Bruce Springsteen performing with his Guita

What about exercise? Well, as a fitness freak, Springsteen has a comprehensive workout plan, including long-distance running and jogging, weight training, push-ups, sit-ups, and yoga in his daily physical activities. These activities have definitely caused him to age backward. And we can’t wait to watch this legend in flesh and blood all over again.

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