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What Are The Uses Of A Pressure Washer

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on April 2nd, 2024


What Are The Uses Of A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are great for cleaning and restoring large areas and hard outdoor surfaces to their original state. These machines push water through a small opening to create pressure for maximal cleaning power; this can be instrumental in decreasing your workload, as it eliminates the need to scrub with soap and a brush. Here is a guide to what you can pressure wash in and around the house. 

1. Driveway

Pressure Washer in Driveway

The driveway is constantly exposed to the elements of nature, causing dirt and grime to build up quickly. That is why most people invest in pressure washers to clean their driveway and improve their home’s appearance. Instead of relying on the standard spray tip to clean the driveway, explore other options, such as turbo nozzles and surface cleaners, for more effective cleaning.

2. Exterior walls of a house

Source: Advantage Pro Services

Like the driveway, the home’s exterior walls also deserve a little extra care to endure the forces of nature. While every wall has unique needs, most can easily be cleaned using a pressure washer without straining your back. Just be sure to avoid getting water under the siding during this process, as it may promote mold or mildew growth in the home.

3. Sidewalks

Although the sidewalks extend outside the home, they can be instrumental in upgrading the aesthetics of your home. This process is quick and effortless with power washers, making it a great way to remove mold or grime outside the house.

4. Brick patios and walkways

Source: Perfect Power Wash

Your backyard is an extension of your home and needs to be cared for; this includes regularly cleaning the brick patios and walkways that run through the area. Skip the soap and brush routine, and whip out the power washer for a quick, deep clean. The force from the washer can also help clear out any weeds or overgrowth stuck between the bricks.

5. Garage floor and door

Source: Kaercher

The garage has multiple uses, from parking your car to utilizing it as a home gym or an extensive storeroom. However, stains, dirt, and skid marks can make using it unpleasant; a power washer can easily correct this to clean the garage floor and door. The pressure from the washer will make quick work of any lingering oil stains and tire marks.

6. Deck

Source: The Home Depot

High-pressure washers can also help clean the decks. However, before starting this project, adjust the pressure so it is not too high and doesn’t strip or peel off the paint or stain. Use the spray wand and move consistently to clean the deck of dirt or grime.

7. Fence

Source: Angi

The fence is essential to the home, separating it from the rest of the street and keeping your children and pets safe. Like the rest of the house, this must be cleaned frequently. Whether made of wood, vinyl, or chainlink, it can easily be cleaned using a power washer to remove stains or dirt. Be gentle during this process so you don’t strip off the paint or weather seal. Alternatively, consider touching the fence with a fresh coat of paint once you wash it to keep it looking new!

8. Automobile

Source: Gaiton

While going to a car wash is a convenient way of cleaning your car or truck, it can be expensive. This problem can quickly be resolved using a power washer and a microfiber cloth at home! It can also be used to wash the engine, but you may need to take a few precautions and learn to clean it safely beforehand.

9. Roof or shingles

Source: Pro Seal

The roof is tough to clean. However, it is an important task, as dirt or grime could lead to mold or mildew that seeps into the house. One can clean the roof using a power washer. Suppose one feels like it is difficult to reach the roof’s nooks and crannies; one can seek a professional cleaner’s help.

10. Gutters

Gutters also require regular cleaning from time to time, as they can get clogged by dirt and debris. Use the power washer to clean them. Don’t forget about the soffits and downspouts during this process!

11. Garbage cans

Nobody likes cleaning the garbage cans, but the gunk that collects inside can stink up the entire house. One can get rid of it by using a power washer. While many people clean their garbage cans with a hose, a power washer eliminates the need to go in with a rag or a cloth to scrape the gunk out.

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