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Types of Dyson vacuum cleaners

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated on April 2nd, 2024


Types of Dyson vacuum cleaners

Lugging around heavy vacuum cleaners is quite a task. They are also difficult to maneuver and put undue pressure on the back and joints. Fortunately, Dyson has a range of lightweight, senior-friendly vacuum cleaners that clean heavy messes well. They are also cordless, which means they are not a tripping hazard. However, knowing the types of vacuum cleaners available before buying one is vital to making an informed decision. Here is the lowdown on what Dyson offers:

1. Dyson Handheld Vacuum
Handheld vacuum cleaners are portable and compact enough to fit in small spaces. Their size and effectiveness are features most people look for in handheld vacuum cleaners. If you want a compact, lightweight, and portable vacuum cleaner, check out the Humdinger, Dyson’s most-coveted handheld vacuum. It has “five-layer whole-machine filtration” and a two-year warranty.

Dyson Handheld Vacuum

The Humdinger is ideal for quick cleaning. It comes with three attachments, which can help clean various surface types. It is best for vacuuming small spaces or spot cleaning. Dyson’s handheld vacuum cleaner comes with multiple attachments that allow the appliance to clean difficult-to-reach corners or larger areas in a short time. You can use it for above-floor tasks. Furthermore, its portability makes it excellent for vacuuming upholstery, stairs, wall cabinets, and car interiors.

2. Dyson Robot Vacuum
Robot vacuum cleaners are a boon; you don’t have to drag them around. The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ is deemed one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners; it provides hands-free cleaning convenience with intelligent navigation technology. One of the key features to look for in a robot vacuum cleaner is a slim profile that helps the machine access tight spaces and clean under the furniture; Dyson’s robot vacuum ensures that.

The robot vacuum cleaner has advanced sensors to detect obstacles and properly move around furniture. The device works autonomously and can efficiently find its way around furniture, home decor, and other things that take up floor space. Depending on the floor layout, the robot vacuum cleaner can adjust its cleaning patterns. You can schedule cleaning sessions through the Dyson app and monitor vacuuming progress. What’s more is that you don’t have to be home to clean; you can program the Dyson robot vacuum to do its job when you are not home. You also don’t have to worry about recharging the appliance; it is programmed to get back to the docking station to charge up after a cleaning cycle.

3. Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum
The cordless stick vacuum is another great option among the various Dyson vacuum cleaners. Dyson offers a couple of convenient and easy-to-use options. One critical factor in choosing the cordless stick vacuum is the freedom of movement it provides. It doesn’t have to stay tethered to an electrical outlet.
Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are an excellent fit for seniors since they are convenient, lightweight, and easy to operate. Since they are cordless, the risk of tripping over the cord and other possible mishaps is non-existent. Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums are easy to maneuver and can be converted into handheld vacuums for above-floor cleaning tasks. The appliances have powerful suction, ensuring thorough cleaning in tight spaces and crevices. The Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum and the Dyson V10 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner are a few of the most sought-after Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum

4. Dyson Canister Vacuum
Dyson’s canister vacuums, like the DC39 Multi Floor and Cinetic Animal Canister Vacuums, have a separate head and a canister with a hose connecting the two. They are a perfect choice if you are looking for a flexible and powerful canister cleaner to meet your vacuuming needs. Canister vacuum cleaners can be used for on- and above-floor cleaning. They can get grime and dust off upholstery, stairs, carpets, couches, and most other surfaces. Canister vacuum cleaners are also quieter than upright ones.

Dyson Canister Vacuum

If you want one, you should look for lightweight canister vacuum models with large, easy-grip handles, like the ones by Dyson. These features make for easy and tireless appliance handling. Some models also come with an adjustable wand and hose length. These are excellent, as they don’t aggravate joint pain. Opt for one with a wide range of attachments for customized cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.

5. Dyson Upright Vacuum
Due to their floor-standing design, upright vacuum cleaners offer stability and ease of use. These vacuums typically have bigger dustbins, reducing the frequency of emptying them. Dyson’s upright vacuum cleaners are robust, efficient, and convenient. The brand is well-known for its upright vacuum cleaners. Most Dyson upright vacuum cleaners feature Dyson Ball™ technology.

Dyson Upright Vacuum

The technology’s mechanism offers exceptional maneuverability to clean a surface effortlessly. The upright range also has a motorized brush bar that helps agitate and vacuum off dirt embedded deep into the carpets. Upright models are also great for dealing with pet hair and dander. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball™ Animal Canister Vacuum and the Dyson Small Ball™ Multifloor Upright are some of the exceptional options for the job.

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