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15 Best Travel Destinations For Seniors to Visit in 2023

By Modern60, Editorial Team

Last Updated On September 29th, 2023, Published On April 14, 2023


15 Best Travel Destinations For Seniors to Visit in 2023

With ample time at your disposal and no professional stress to hold you back, traveling becomes truly enjoyable after retirement. For seniors traveling solo or group holidays present an attractive alternative for exploring new places. Whether you want the best bus tours for seniors or the best vacations for older couples, there are many exciting options. To help you choose well, here are 15 spectacular senior travel destinations compiled specially for you.

Domestic destinations

These destinations within the country can give any exotic locale in the world a run for its money. The ones listed here could either be a specific attraction spot within a city or a gorgeous city in itself that you must experience.

Charleston, SC

Charleston often ranks as a front-runner in debates about the best destinations for older couples to spend their vacation. This city is known for its Southern romance and a generally laid back vibe. Charleston has several tourist attractions and vacation spots, such as the Gibbes Museum of Art and Fort Sumter National Monument, both of which offer special discounts for visitors above the age of 60. Besides these, you can also treat yourself to the Spoleto Festival USA, a performing arts event that will last from May 25th to June 11th. The tickets for this event also come with a 10% discount for seniors. If you miss out on this event, you can still catch Piccolo Spoleto, a similar extravaganza event that features regional artists.

Besides these attractions, you will love dining, shopping, gazing at a beach sunset, and witnessing the local cypress trees here. Charleston also boasts an excellent road network for easy mobility, especially for specially-abled individuals.

You can book guided tours for seniors in Charleston to discover more exciting attractions in the city. While booking your holidays, it is advised to add harbor tours, church tours, and dining tours across the city.

Williamsburg, VA

Like Charleston, Williamsburg is a popular destination for retirees and other seniors. This beautiful city has a lot going for it.. For example, Williamsburg’s climate is perpetually mild and pleasant with the average temperature of the region hovering around 60 degrees. It is also one of the most peaceful weekend getaways one can find, making it a good backdrop for some of the best senior bus tours.

Additionally, Williamsburg is an ideal senior travel destination if you are a history enthusiast. You will find beautiful and historic architecture in many of the buildings here. The main attraction of this city is, naturally, Colonial Williamsburg, a living-history museum wherein actors and interpreters re-enact colonial-era life. You can truly immerse yourself in the historical era by booking one of the various adventure tours for seniors in the city. The city is also known for its shopping districts, such as the vast Merchants Square and the Williamsburg Antique Mall.

Williamsburg’s famous golfing culture is also a key highlight of vacation programs for senior citizens. While traveling, you will come across several golf courses across the city. So, if you prefer playing golf in calm and pleasant weather, Williamsburg can be the right vacation destination for you.

Branson, MO

Arguably, the best advantage for Branson as a perfect travel destination is its location deep within the famed Ozark mountains. As a result, group tours for senior citizens in Branson will be a delight due to the region’s greenery, stunning landscapes, and cool weather.

Besides the scenic beauty of the mountains, Branson also stands out from many holiday destinations because of the versatility the city offers. So, does it have country concerts and shows for music lovers? Yes. What about vast golf courses? Absolutely yes. For lovers of oceans and fish, you can check out the famous History of Fishing Museum in the city. Among Branson’s other attractions are its incredible cruise lakes, large shopping centers, and stunning Titanic Museum. It is not without reason that people refer to Branson as an alternative to Vegas for people with mobility issues.

Ultimately, the ease of mobility is Branson’s best appealing aspect that trumps everything else. For example, you can find several accessible campgrounds close to the city’s key attractions to help set up your camp in Branson while vacationing. In addition, the city is built to simplify mobility from one place to another for people who depend on wheelchairs or other mobility devices. But before you plan your visit, you must first check out the best travel wheelchair for your comfort and ease.

Unsurprisingly, due to its status as one of the best vacation spots for senior citizens, Branson experiences a high turnout of elderly individuals and groups annually.

Plymouth, MA

Plymouth is a popular travel destination for senior citizens throughout the year. However, the port city is especially pleasant to visit during the spring, just before the crowds throng.

If you are a history lover, you can enjoy the grandeur of the Pilgrim Hall Museum, one of the most prominent museums around. More importantly, this is the oldest museum in Massachusetts. On this historical site, you can view and touch Plymouth Rock and the amazing artifacts associated with the Mayflower (a ship that is an important aspect of American history). During historic walking tours, adventure tours for seniors, or escorted tours for seniors in Plymouth, one can check out the 17th-century houses once owned by the original Mayflower passengers.

The city also boasts many other attractions besides this grand old museum. Plymouth is a great senior citizen vacation spot due to the various outdoor adventures it offers. For example, you will find whale-watching spots, journeys through the century-old Cape Cod Canal, harbor cruises, and lobster cruises.

Most importantly, the hotel accommodation expenses, especially in the case of group travel for seniors, are usually affordable.

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs is situated in the Sonoran Desert in Southern California. As a result, it offers the perfect antidote to the chilly cold weather for tourists. You will find the warm, cozy climate of Palm Springs to be healing when you visit here. California’s incredible weather alone makes it one of the best vacation destinations for older adults in the country. However, there is much more to this popular destination than just the warm climate.

Palm Springs is an excellent destination for group travel for seniors, as you get to enjoy a host of other niceties across the city, such as its easily accessible shopping amenities, numerous spas, stunning architecture, and golf courses. Apart from these, if you feel like heading to one of Palm Spring’s famous beaches or local trail hikes with your group, you can include these activities in the holiday schedule of your senior citizen vacation package.

Savannah, GA

For admirers of nature and quintessential Southern charm, Savannah is the ideal holiday destination. When you drive through this city, it reveals all of its organic niceties, such as its signature massive oak trees with moss-covered branches, the grand-old mansions, and its antebellum architecture.

Elderly travelers will enjoy Savannah’s slew of outdoor activities, including trolley rides, dolphin cruises, private bus tours, Forsyth Park, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, and several others. For music lovers, there is nothing better to visit during the Savannah Music Festival. There is a vast musical culture to explore in the city then you can even imagine. Moreover, you can even try the distinctive and delicious Georgian cuisine from one of Savannah’s easily accessible and reasonably-priced restaurants.

The incredible visual appeal of Savannah is accompanied by its warm weather throughout the year. Even in chilly winters, the average temperature of Savannah hovers between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This climate and the city’s quiet nature make Savannah one of the best vacation spots for senior citizens.

Miami Beach, FL

When it comes to refreshing beaches, Florida is a top contender among the best vacation spots for seniors. Miami Beach is usually the leading destination of choice in Florida for elderly travel. This beach, and its surrounding areas, are frequently visited attraction spots, especially when it comes to trips for seniors, because of the region’s fascinating culture, shopping facilities, and museums, such as the well-known Wolfsonian-FIU Museum.

Usually, the best bus tours for seniors in Florida involve a visit to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, one of the country’s very best. You will enjoy this garden’s peaceful and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. If you like to study different plant types and species, this is a perfect place. There are several diverse palms, flowering trees, cycads, vines, fruit trees, and other taxonomically arranged plants in this botanical garden.

Miami experiences humid and hot summers and short but warm winters, making it a pleasant destination for elderly travelers. The city is a paradise for retirees as its sandy beaches offer many relaxation opportunities for older adults.

Santa Fe, NM

From the beaches and summer warmth of Miami, we pivot to the historic Spanish charm of Santa Fe, the oldest state capital in the country. This beautiful holiday destination is also famous for its warm climate. The temperature of Santa Fe is usually 65 degrees and above. The dry weather and the elegant Spanish colonial architecture make Santa Fe a relaxing and refreshing place to visit at any time of the year.

Trips for seniors in Santa Fe usually cover its well-known tourist attractions, such as the gorgeous rose-tinted Sangre de Cristo mountains, the leafy plaza that replicates the life and times of New Mexico in the early 1600s, and restaurants famous for cooking delectable Southwestern cuisine.

Santa Fe is also a paradise for art and craft admirers. The city boasts several museums and art galleries for older travelers to indulge in for hours. In fact, the dense concentration of museums in Santa Fe means there is a higher chance of finding a nostalgic art gallery or museum within walking distance here than in any other city.

The peaceful atmosphere, climate, and outstanding greenery give this city its renowned healing powers that thousands of visitors experience yearly.


Any list of top travel destinations will remain incomplete without mentioning Alaska. This vast state has something to offer every traveler. For instance, you can find many adventure activities for seniors, including hiking excursions with soaring bald eagles to give you company or paddling with sea otters and whales.

If you are not into these activities and wish to enjoy the jaw-dropping Alaskan scenery and cool climate, you can do so without hassles. For seniors, tour companies offer sightseeing packages along with the flights for senior travel. The tour includes the beautiful glaciers, mountains, waterways, forests, and waterfalls that regularly make it to year-end calendar pictures. Other places to visit include the Alaskan towns and cities featuring some of the world’s most diverse flora and fauna.

A list of the best senior travel destinations in Alaska includes a tour to Juneau, a ride on the Aurora Winter Train, tours to Anchorage and Fairbanks, a quick trip to Kodiak Island, and a primetime visit to witness the surreal Northern Lights.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

The Grand Canyon is one of the ideal vacation spots for older couples as it is one of the country’s most captivating natural wonders. This famous holiday destination stretches over 300 miles and descends more than a mile.

Some of the most well-known spots when it comes to adventure activities for seniors in Grand Canyon include hiking and biking trails and visits to the Yavapai Museum of Geology, Kolb Studio, Hopi House, and Verkamp’s Visitor Center. You can explore the vast mountains on special helicopter/airplane trips for seniors or rafting expeditions. Hiking expeditions are also an effective way to traverse this region. In fact, most hiking trails in the Grand Canyon are suited for elderly travelers and will help keep them cheerfully occupied for days.

One of the best ways to save energy while traveling is to take the famed Canyon Railway Adventure, a tour that includes historical tales and animated visuals about the region’s folklore. You can hop on to this train from Sedona, Williams (the starting point), or Flagstaff. Besides this, the Grand Canyon Depot tour is also a compelling option. It includes a throwback-era Wild West shootout show with live Western music. Don’t forget to get a guide or a magazine for travelers to get to know about the rich history of the place!

Some of the best accommodation places in the Grand Canyon include Yavapai Lodge and El Tovar Hotel.

International destinations

If you have your passport ready and can sort out the visa requirements quickly, then there are some iconic international travel destinations that you should visit. These six international holiday destinations listed below are worth the hassle of hopping onto a plane and journeying abroad.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

This Spanish island is known for its stunning waterways, warm climate, stunning mix of flora and fauna, and, best of all, comparatively lower prices than many other places in Europe. Everything in Tenerife, from hotels, restaurants, and healthcare facilities, to art galleries and beaches, are all in proximity. The structural planning of these islands makes them one of the most high-on-mobility holiday destinations worldwide. Tenerife is well connected with mainland Europe, meaning you can get here from more than 180 cities without breaking a sweat.

Traveling to Spain is relatively reasonable from a budget perspective, too, with round-trip packages from New York City starting at $900 per person (if you stay at a 5-star accommodation for four nights). These prices are subject to change, so you must consult your travel company regarding the exact costs or options for budget friendly flights for senior citizens. You can even book salon & spa treatments while traveling to Canary islands at a pretty reasonable cost.

You can even book salon & spa treatments while traveling to Canary islands at a pretty reasonable cost.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

From sunny Spain, we move on to thrilling Thailand. Chiang Mai is a cultural hub brimming with excellent Thai food (the steamy Thai broth bowl is quite a rage among tourists and locals), luscious forests, and the overall welcoming and kind nature of the local individuals.

There are numerous tourist attractions here, such as the bustling local night bazaars where you can purchase woven fabric, handcrafted items, Thai-specific art pieces, soothing spa therapies, indigenous elephant safari parks, etc., and the unique architecture. You can even book excellent salon sessions, to get local hair and skin treatments. Also know about the popular hair color for older women in the city to get it done before your tour ends.

Apart from this, this city is also known for its excellent connectivity. The attractive elderly travel spots are all located close to each other, and the city’s punctuality and cleanliness are second to none.

All in all, if you have a week to spend in Asia, Chiang Mai can be the perfect destination for you.

The Maritimes, Canada

One of the closest foreign locations to visit and cherish is this Canadian destination. The Maritimes is not one specific location- it includes a pick of Canada’s eastern provinces- Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. You can take affordable ferries to shuttle between these regions. The Maritimes are known for their outdoor activities, such as whale watching on the Zodiac boat at eye level, iconic hotels such as Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa and Algonquin Resort, and the beautiful Canadian Ellis Island.

Usually, the best tours for seniors in the Maritimes take place in the summer season, when the ticket and travel fares are at their lowest.

Mazatlán, Mexico

One of Central America’s most well-known holiday destinations, Mazatlán is one of the most beautiful and warm (both in terms of climate and the kindness of the locals) senior travel destinations.

More importantly, a jam-packed holiday schedule in Mazatlán is highly cost-effective too. Some higher-rated hotels only charge about $160 per person per night. Furthermore, one can experience amazing attractions such as hiking, a host of water sports, and watching exotic birds. Travel experts can offer senior camping guide as well as advise tourists to visit this beautiful place during the months of April and May.

Central American holiday trips for seniors do not get much better than a visit to the mesmerizing Mazatlán.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

South Africa is a must-visit travel destination for all seniors due to the cultural and natural diversity one can find here. The Kruger National Park, of course, is the star attraction of this country. In this national park, you can witness beautiful animals such as African lions, leopards, elephants, Cape buffaloes, and rhinos.

The dry, desert-like climate, diverse animal and plant life, and outstanding South African cuisine, with irresistible delicacies like Boerewors, Potjiekos, and Vetkoek, make this national park one of the best places for single senior travelers as well as for group travel.


For seniors looking to travel in 2023, there are a variety of domestic and international destinations to choose from. Whether you prefer exploring charming cities like Charleston and Williamsburg, enjoying the warm climate of Palm Springs and Miami Beach, immersing yourself in history in Plymouth and Santa Fe, or embarking on grand adventures in Alaska and the Grand Canyon, there is something for everyone. Additionally, international destinations like Tenerife, Chiang Mai, and the Maritimes offer unique experiences and cultural immersion. No matter where you choose to go, these 15 travel destinations provide exciting opportunities for seniors to create lasting memories. Consult a tour guide to even get senior cruise discounts on your trip for an extra adventure!

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Frequently Asked Question's

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