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11+ Best Haircuts for Older Men With Beards and Grooming Tips
Kristina Lopez

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By Kristina Lopez, Writer | Mental Wellness, Lifestyle, Travel

Last Updated on April 8th, 2024

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11+ Best Haircuts for Older Men With Beards and Grooming Tips

When it comes to grooming and personal care, men are breaking barriers and embracing new styles like never before, and for good reason. The perfect haircut, combined with the right beard styling, has transformative power—it encourages individual expression and unleashes a new sense of confidence. Today, hair and beard styles for older men give way to endless possibilities for crafting a fresh look, from classic and timeless to modern and trendy.

Top haircuts for men with beards

Short crop for a heavy stubble

This combination looks refined and effortless, and you should maintain a short, neatly trimmed beard stubble to add a touch of ruggedness while keeping it well-groomed. Pair it with a short crop hairstyle, which can offer a polished look while being extremely low-maintenance.

Textured all-over hairstyle for a French beard

Textured all-over hairstyle for a French beard

The meticulously groomed French beard adds a touch of maturity, while the textured all-over hairstyle offers a contemporary and effortlessly stylish appeal, making it a well-balanced combination. This hairstyle can also cover areas with thinning hair on the scalp.

Side-parted hairstyle for a goatee

To elevate a goatee, maintain a patch of hair around your chin and mustache area and neatly trim the sides. This beard style is ideal for older men as it accentuates the jawline and makes for a sophisticated and distinguished look. Combine it with a side-parted hairstyle for a classic touch. The side part can be easily achieved by combing the hair to one side for a polished finish.

Styling options for a full beard

Styling options for a full beard

A full beard can bring a sense of masculinity and maturity and work wonders with many hairstyles, including a completely shaven head. Maintain a shaped full beard that complements your facial features. You can pair it with a slicked-back hairstyle and apply any natural styling product to create a clean, swept-back look. A classic taper fade hairdo that features increasingly shorter hair from the top to the sides and back also complements a full beard.

Shaved head with a stubble

For men who embrace baldness, a classic stubble beard can add a touch of ruggedness and balance to the look. Keep the stubble at a consistent length and pair it with a clean-shaven or closely shaved head for a sleek appearance. This combination embraces a minimalistic approach while exuding a strong sense of style.

Slick pompadour for a Ducktail beard

The Ducktail beard pairs impeccably with a pompadour hairstyle. Usually, the beard calls for short sides and hair under the chin long and pointy for a defined outline. The pompadour hairstyle calls for voluminous slicked-back hair on top and shorter sides. While this look never seems to go out of style, it may need regular maintenance.

Side-swept undercut for a Balbo beard

The Balbo beard, characterized by a mustache disconnected from the beard, can be quite charming. Its distinct lines pair well with a side-swept undercut hairstyle, which features longer hair on top styled to one side, while the sides and back are kept short or faded for a clean and edgy look.

Textured medium-length hair for a Van Dyke

Inspired by the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, this is a sophisticated beard style for older men that stood the test of time. It combines a mustache and goatee, but the two do not connect. Pair it with a crew cut or a textured medium-length hairstyle to versatility to your appearance. You can keep the mustache curled up and the goatee slightly pointy and determine the length of hair based on your preference. For example, you can have a soul patch for the goatee or let the facial hair cover your entire chin. Having said that, this style, Americanised to “Van Dyke”, typically calls for symmetry and sharpness, so styling and maintaining it might call for some patience and precision.

Side part with a short boxed beard

You can achieve a distinguished look with a short boxed beard with clean lines around the jawline and cheekbones. Easy to maintain and pull off, it requires a regular trim and can vary in length. The short boxed beard can also cover up a double chin. Combine it with a classic side-parted hairstyle for a refined, structured, timeless appeal. The beard can also be paired with a slicked-back undercut hairdo for a clean look.

Caesar cut for a conventional beard

The Caesar cut, characterized by its short length and horizontal fringe, is one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles that complement silver hair beautifully. It creates a sophisticated and distinguished look when paired with a well-groomed beard, such as a short boxed beard or a neatly trimmed goatee.

Buzz cut for all beard styles

A buzz cut, i.e., uniformly short hair all around the head, is a bold and rugged hairstyle that can work with all kinds of beards. The contrast between the short buzzed hair and a well-groomed beard makes for a striking look.

Best styles based on face shape

To get the best look, it is crucial to consider the main factor influencing the choice of hairstyle and facial hair—face shape. You can only modify or alter the haircut to an extent if you do not like it. So, before getting your hair done, you should pick a style that will complement your features and face cut. Understanding your face shape allows you to tailor your beard to highlight the best features.

Round face

A circular face usually means a rounded chin and soft and curved lines. It draws more attention to the middle of the face. Here are the top styles you can choose:

  • If you have a round face, you can opt for a beard that adds angularity and length. This will create a more defined jawline, subtly elongate the face, and add a sense of symmetry. Styles such as the extended goatee, a full square beard, or a well-groomed square-shaped beard with slightly extended sideburns can help create a balanced and refined appearance. You can also never go wrong with a full beard. A well-maintained full beard can give you a polished and masculine look, especially when you shape the beard regularly.
  • For hair, you can pick styles that add height and volume on top for a more balanced look. Consider hairstyles with textured layers or a slightly longer length on top, combined with shorter sides, to create contrast and definition. For example, a classic pompadour can add height to the crown and draw attention upward. Similarly, a quiff hairstyle that has longer hair on top styled to create volume and height, with shorter sides and back, can add a touch of sophistication. Both these styles can be tailored to suit formal or casual occasions. A side-swept hairstyle with a deep side part or a square-shaped cut to the corners can also sharpen the soft edges.

Oblong face

An oval-shaped, oblong, or rectangular face is characterized by a slightly longer face length, wide forehead, and gently tapering chin. The versatility of this shape allows for various styles that can complement and enhance the balanced proportions. Here are the top styles for older men with an oblong face:

  • With an oblong face, you can pull off a neatly trimmed, short stubble. This beard style can add a touch of ruggedness while helping you maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance. A goatee can also accentuate your jawline and add definition to the face. You can go for a short beard or a slight stubble to fill the gaps.
  • You can go for hairstyles that allow hair to fall to the sides or across the forehead. This will add width to your face. Alternatively, maintaining medium-length hair with textured layers can provide a modern and versatile look. You can style it with a side part, a tousled look, or a slick back.

Square face

A square face cut comes with a sharply angled jaw, defined cheekbones, and a slanted chin. With well-groomed facial hair, you can get an overall chiseled look. An easy way to tell if you have a square face is to note the width and length of your face. Then, you should see if you have a squared forehead, a wide jawline, and a face that is slightly longer than wider. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Ideally, a short boxed beard, light stubble, or goatee can help accentuate your sharp jawline. It’s best to avoid bushy beard styles that hide a naturally well-defined jawline or long styles that add width to the face.
  • A square face can pull off most hairstyles, from cropped buzz cuts or quiffs. It is best to go for a classic and neat hairstyle, like side parting or short layers, which can enhance your naturally sharp features.

Heart-shaped face

Older men with a heart-shaped face have a pointed and narrow chin, wide temple and hairline, and a forehead that measures slightly greater than the cheekbones and jawline. Here are the options to consider:

  • A Van Dyke, a neatly trimmed goatee with a soul patch, can add fullness and dimension to the chin area.
  • For older men with beards, it is important to avoid tight cuts and go for medium or long swept-back hair to accentuate the natural features.

Diamond face

A rare face shape in men, the diamond cut comes with high, prominent cheekbones with a smaller, pointed jawline. Here are the top options for this face shape:

  • The best beards complimenting a diamond face are Verdi with a mustache, Ducktail beard, short boxed beard, and the classic full beard—natural and low maintenance. It is best to keep the sides short and avoid pointy beard styles like Balbo, goatee, or anchor beard.
  • Here, the haircut should add width at the forehead and chin. For example, fringes that can be tucked behind the ears, side sweep, or side-parting work well for diamond-shaped faces. Cuts that soften the sharp lines are great picks as well.

While these tips can help, hair growth patterns and individual preferences can influence the choice of beard and hairstyles. You can explore and experiment with different lengths and shapes to find combinations that best complement your face shape and bring out the best in your overall appearance.

Grooming tips

Apart from getting the right haircuts and beards, older men must follow simple grooming habits that lay the foundation for a well-maintained look.

Embrace the gray

Embrace the gray

Embrace your graying hair with pride and confidence as it adds gravitas to your overall presence. You can also consider using products like silver shampoos or toning conditioners that help maintain your natural gray color.

Invest in top-notch products

Quality hair and beard care products can add a glow to the appearance by removing dirt and excess oil, keeping the skin healthy, and slowing down aging. Simple practices like using sunscreen daily, choosing organic soaps and natural face washes, and using a gentle shampoo to wash facial hair regularly can work wonders.

Moisturize and condition

Moisturize and condition

You should not overlook the importance of hydrating the skin. Applying natural oils can keep the hair soft, prevent dryness or itching, and make it look well-groomed. So, you can use beard oil or balm after trimming sessions or every morning. Additionally, shampooing can help remove excess oil and dirt from the scalp and hair. Further, using a conditioner replenishes the oil lost after the hair wash and keeps your hair healthy for longer. For thinning hair—a common problem in older men—a lightweight conditioner that is more water-based than cream-based is a suitable option.

Care for the scalp

Care for the scalp

Scalp health directly determines the quality of your hair and how your hairstyle looks. Cleansing the scalp to remove dead cells built up can boost hair growth and prevent dryness. Similarly, massaging the scalp occasionally can stimulate blood flow.

Seek professional guidance

Seek professional guidance

Consult a professional barber or stylist to get personalized grooming services. Their expert tips and advice on what will suit your face can be a game-changer. Alternatively, if you notice any changes in your hair texture, like thinning or hair loss, you can consult a dermatologist to diagnose and rule out any underlying health concerns.

Schedule regular appointments

You should schedule regular appointments for hair and beard trims to maintain the desired length and shape. However, you can also experiment with different looks to highlight your sense of style. Communicating exactly what you want to your stylist and showing reference pictures can help clearly convey your vision.

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